Circa (Japanese チルカ) is one of the many Legendary Rastas found within Mezeporta Square. She specializes in using the Hunting Horn.

FrontierGen-Legendary Rasta Circa Render 001


Circa is a timid woman that speaks in a very low tone.


Once an under accomplished Guild Receptionist, Circa was considered to be horrible at her job and at assisting hunters. Eventually, she was fired from her job, but eventually became a legendary hunter herself. Circa's Hunting Horn songs are considered to be a grand sound to hear, assisting fellow hunters in battle, along with herself. These songs alone are what make her famous among many of the Legendary Rastas. Besides hunting, Circa's favorite hobbies include painting and eating rice with her friends.


Circa wears Rian F and uses a variety of Hunting Horns.


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