Copper Blangonga are Fanged Beasts and Subspecies of Blangonga introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.


Due to the loss of its troop of Blango, it has grown larger and stronger. It has a brown coat of fur instead of the normal white coat. The Copper Blangonga's face is much less compact and houses a larger set of canines.


Instead of throwing ice blocks in the air, it hurls giant rocks across the ground and instead of using an ice breath attack, it uses a sand breath attack which will instantly put hunters or Felyne Comrades in the knocked-out state.

Game Appearances


General Notes

  • Different from Blangonga, this species of Blangonga requires a weapon that has the Ice element for hunters to break its fangs, whereas a normal Blangonga needs Fire. Also like Blangonga, breaking its fangs causes its roar to become ineffective to hunters without Earplugs.
    • Without broken fangs, its roar requires Earplugs to block.
  • It's good to have weapons with at least White Sharpness; the Copper Blangonga's fur is tough and its hind legs are penetrable only with Purple Sharpness.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

  • The Copper Blangonga trades its straight forward lunge attack for a rock throw attack that can cause serious damage. The rock can also bounce in another direction if players are far enough away from it when the rock is thrown.
  • The Copper Blangonga has four variants of the rock throw move. For the first it will jump high in the air and toss a rock straight down without any bounce, second it will jump a short distance forward and toss a rock a long distance that will bounce at some point and third it will throw the same way as a normal Blangonga. Finally, the Blangonga could perform a very small leap and send shards of a rock in different directions, which can hit players who are caught off guard.
  • Its underground dig attack has also changed. Instead of coming out from beneath the hunter like the normal Blangonga, it will jump out and high into the air some distance away and toss a rock at the hunter. Apparently its lock-on is very accurate when not enraged, and otherwise when it is in rage.
  • Whenever Copper Blangonga hops backwards, its next attack will always be a rock throw of some kind.
  • Another useful tip is that when it gets knocked down via arm/legs, it will stay down three times longer than a normal Blangonga.

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