The Coral Highlands (Japanese 陸珊瑚の台地) is a location first introduced in Monster Hunter: World. It consists of a vast landscape like that of the ocean floor, the most notorious feature is the many species of coral, as its name implies. This area is comprised of steep cliffs that form a highland, hunters will traverse the colorful highlands and ominous lower levels to achieve their objectives.


The coral highlands can be divided into the lower section, featuring dark paths among gigantic cliffs, and the highlands, featuring more open areas atop the cliffs.

Lower Section

This section is comprised of many branching paths, Shamos and Tzitzi-Ya-Ku roam here, keeping themselves to the shadows of the cliffs, these two species commonly clash for prey such as Kelbi, Odogaron sometimes pass through here when carrion is not enough, intending to reach the higher grounds.


Featuring open areas, the highlands are the perfect place for monsters such as Paolumu, Legiana and Pink Rathian, it is here that Odogaron can rarely be found clashing with other large monsters, groups of Raphinos also call this section their home and the rare Kirin can appear here.


Food Chain






  • Hunters can use the Glider Mantle to ride air currents and reach higher areas.[1]
  • The white flakes in the air are coral eggs. Some species, like Flying Wyverns and Wingdrakes, are known to gather in the Coral Highlands to feed on the coral eggs.[1]
  • Below the Coral Highlands is the Rotten Vale.[2]
  • When Kirin appears in the Coral Highlands, a thunderstorm will appear in the sky.


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