Cortos are Wingdrakes first introduced in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.


Cortos are small Wingdrakes with white-and-blue hides and scales. Their heads are wide and snake-like with piercing red eyes. Their tails end in a sharpened spade-like tip. Their feet are orange and end in wicked talons.

Abilities and Behavior

Cortos are passive towards hunters. They live in small flocks, and if one individual goes somewhere, the others will follow.

Game Appearances

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Main Series


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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
MHWI-Cortos Icon.png A wingdrake from the Hinterlands. Usually not aggressive, but will attack hunters in a bind. Its breath lowers elemental resistance.

Monster Materials

Icon Item Name Rarity Value Description
MHW-Wing Icon Yellow.png
Wingdrake Finehide
9 1240z A very rare material carved from wingdrakes. Lightweight and often used when crafting armor.
MHW-Claw Icon Teal.png
Cortos Hardclaw
9 1450z Very rare Cortos material. Obtained by carving. Unusual, used in select gear.


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