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In-Game Information

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A huge elder dragon, massive beyond human comprehension. The only mention of its existence is found in fairy tales, which claim it can warp the very surface of the world and level mountains with a single twitch.


  • Order: Elder Dragon
  • Suborder: Serpent Dragon
  • Family: Amadur
  • Species: Dalamadur

Dalamadur is an extremely large and long serpentine monster. It is classified as an Elder Dragon. The Shah Dalamadur is actually a Dalamadur after it sheds its skin.

Habitat Range

Dalamadur makes its home at the highest peaks of Heaven's Mount, known as Speartip Crag. Occasionally, these monsters can be seen in the Forest and Hills/Verdant Hills. When approaching death, an individual will travel across the sea in the Elder Crossing to die in the Rotten Vale. Upon death, it will become a habitat, as seen with the Rotten vale, the decomposing corpse of an old Dalamadur, many times larger than the specimen encountered in Monster Hunter 4.

Ecological Niche

It is unknown what the feeding habits of a Dalamadur is, like most other Elder Dragons, so it is hard to say where it fits in the ecological niche.

Biological Adaptations

This massive serpentine beast possesses two powerful clawed forearms that are used for support, climbing, and burrowing in its mountainous environment. The claws on each hand are powerful enough to cause entire mountain spires to collapse with a single strike. While they still possess forelegs, Dalamadur have gradually lost their back legs and all that remains are two small spurs, similar to those of anacondas or pythons. The forked snake-like tongue of a Dalamadur has paralyzing properties that can easily immobilize hunters. Dalamadur are also capable of spewing an unknown fiery substance from their maws. On the chest of these beasts are vents that glow and huff steam when enraged, hinting at incredibly high internal temperatures. One ability that can't be explained about Dalamadur is its ability to summon meteors. It is unknown how it is able to summon meteors, but this is being researched.


Dalamadur are quite aggressive in nature, willing to destroy hunters at all cost. Though slow, Dalamadur can easily destroy whole mountains with their coils and cause pieces of rumble to fall from them. For unknown reasons, large numbers of Dalamadur are known to raise from underground during certain times of the year, which is usually when Shah Dalamadur are known to appear.


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