In-game description

Armor Piece Description
Head1Dark Ukanlos Mask The white god will call forth the day of reckoning, but this can keep you safe.
Chest1Dark Ukanlos Aegis The white god will call the day of reckoning, but this can change the sun's orbit.
Hands1Dark Ukanlos Claw The white god will call forth the day of reckoning, but this can part the seas.
Waist1DarkUkanlosCincture The white god will call forth the day of reckoning, but you can calm the winds.
Legs1Dark Ukanlos Hessian The white god will bring on the day of reckoning. Use this to escape to the stars.


Armor Piece Items Required Cost
Head1Dark Ukanlos Mask StrongUkanlosFin (2), HvyUkanlosShell (3), Lao-Shan'sHvyShl (4), Ukanlos Stone (1) 31500z
Chest1Dark Ukanlos Aegis UkanlosShovelJaw (3), StrongUkanlosFin (2), UkanlosUnderscl (3), Ukanlos Stone (1) 31500z
Hands1Dark Ukanlos Claw HvyUkanlosShell (2), UkanlosDiggngClw (4), Hard Rajang Claw (2), Ukanlos Stone (1) 31500z
Waist1DarkUkanlosCincture UkanlosUnderscl (4), Hvy Ukanlos Tail (2), Big Wyvern Stone (5), Ukanlos Stone (1) 31500z
Legs1Dark Ukanlos Hessian UkanlosUnderscl (2), HvyUkanlosShell (4), YamaTsukamiFluid (4), Ukanlos Stone (1) 31500z
Total StrongUkanlosFin (4), UkanlosShovelJaw (3), HvyUkanlosShell (9), UkanlosDiggngClw (4), UkanlosUnderscl (9), Hvy Ukanlos Tail (2), Ukanlos Stone (5), Lao-Shan'sHvyShl (4), Hard Rajang Claw (2), Big Wyvern Stone (5), YamaTsukamiFluid (5) 157500z

The Dark Ukanlos armor is exclusive to HR9. It is made of mainly Ukanlos materials as well as some Rajang, Lao Shan and Yama Tsukami materials. It is pretty hard to create because it needs 5 Ukanlos Stones (aka Ucamulbas Divine Jewels in MHP2G). It can be either obtained very quickly because the Ukanlos Stones are by far not as rare as other Hvnly items but if you have a lot of bad luck getting this armor can be really time consuming and annoying.

Armor Stats

The armor starts with a defense of 100 and ends with a final defense of 116 per piece, making it the 3rd most powerful armor in MHFU. It offers excellent protection against the Water and Ice element, but is very vulnerable to Fire and Thunder attacks. It has a neutral resistance to Dragon. The armor gives some good offensive skills and can serve multiple purposes depending on how you gem it.

Armor Skills

Armor Piece Skill Points
Head1Dark Ukanlos Mask Artisan +3, Fencing +1, Protection -3, Quake Res +2
Chest1Dark Ukanlos Aegis Artisan +2, Fencing +2, Protection -3
Hands1Dark Ukanlos Claw Artisan +1, Fencing +3, Protection -2, Quake Res +3
Waist1DarkUkanlosCincture Artisan +3, Fencing +1, Protection -3, Quake Res +2
Legs1Dark Ukanlos Hessian Artisan +1, Fencing +3, Protection -2, Quake Res +3
Total Quake Res +10, Fencing +10, Artisan +10, Protection -13
  • The armor gives the following skills:
  1. Quake Resistance: Not affected by small earthquakes produced by Shen Gaoren, Rajang and other monsters.
  2. ESP: Attacks do not bounce off a monster no matter the sharpness.
  3. Sharpness +1: Increases maximum sharpness by 1 level.
  4. Demonic Protection: Small chance of taking more damage from an attack than usual.


Slots per Piece

  • Helm: 2
  • Torso: 2
  • Arms: 2
  • Waist: 2
  • Legs: 2

Because the armor has 10 slots, you can add pretty much any skill you want. The skills it already provides are pretty useful for any weapon type, but mainly Lances. You can decide to gem it for Guard +, but you can also gem it for something else, it depends on your preferences. No matter what, you can gem away the demonic protection and add at least 1 skill to the armor:

  • Insert 2 DivineProtectJwls.

When this is done you got rid of the Demonic Protection and can customize the armor further to suit your preferences.

Armor Sphere Levelling Requirements

Armor Level Armor Defence Armor Sphere Required Upgrade Cost
2 102 Hrd Armor Sphere x1 5140z
3 104 Hvy Armor Sphere x1 6800z
4 106 Ryl Armor Sphere x1 7300z
5 108 Ryl Armor Sphere x1 7300z
6 110 Ryl Armor Sphere x1 7300z
7 112 Ryl Armor Sphere x1 7300z
8 114 Tru Armor Sphere x1 7800z
9 116 Tru Armor Sphere x1 8300z

Total Per Piece

Total Armor Spheres Total Cost
Hrd Armor Sphere x1, Hvy Armor Sphere x1, Ryl Armor Sphere x4, Tru Armor Sphere x2 57240z

Total for Entire Armor Set

Total Armor Spheres Total Cost
Hrd Armor Sphere x5, Hvy Armor Sphere x5, Ryl Armor Sphere x20, Tru Armor Sphere x10 286200z
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