Debli (Japanese デブリ) is a character in the game and anime who originally was a Hunter, but now aspires to be a Rider.


Debli first comes off having a somewhat shrewd and greedy personality in order to make a fast buck. He's also shown to be cowardly when facing great dangers. Despite these flaws, he's actually a decent person who is willing to help others, and ready to take on any challenge if required.


Not much is known about Debli's past. The Player and Lilia first meets him attempting to sell fake Kinship Stones after hearing rumors that a Rider, which they believed to be Cheval, was seen. After being found out he flees, but not before seeing the Player fly off on Ratha to Geo-Fulkright. He would follow them to Dovan Volcano and assist the Rider and Navirou.


Like his name and appearance implies, Debli is very chubby. He has blue spiky hair with a portion of it tied in the front of his head. He wears an equipment that looks similar to Arzuros Armor over some pink clothes and has what appears to be an abacus with a handle on his back. He dons a fake Kinship Stone that was created by Dr. Manelger on his right arm.


Great Poogie Debli's only Monstie in the game and anime. Debli meets Great Poogie in the Aowa Valley. It rarely listens to him and does whatever it pleases. However, in the anime, it seems to always take Debli to places that are either safe or helpful in whatever he's doing. It's also shown to be fairly powerful as it was able to knock over a Stygian Zinogre.


  • A running gag in the anime is how everyone references his name to his fatness.
  • He has a crush on Avinia in the anime.


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