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Demonic Seregios are Special Species of Seregios introduced in Monster Hunter Explore.


Demonic Seregios resembles a typical Seregios but sporting a color scheme of purple for the wings and upper body and dark grey for the waist and tail. The other notable differences are a patch of white hair on its head with a pair of horns with black markings accompanying it. Lastly a smoky black aura radiates of it which dissipates upon death.


Demonic Seregios still has the speed and agility of the typical Seregios, however instead of shooting its scales it releases poisonous energy spheres.


It retains the aggressive behavior of the typical Seregios.


It has been found living in the Sandy Plains.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Explore
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General Notes

  • It is part of a collaboration with the anime and manga franchise "The Seven Deadly Sins' bearing heavy resemblance to the Grey Demon form of the character Hendrickson.