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In-Game Information

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A mid-sized Neopteron whose forked horns and broad foreleg-attack range set it apart from its more common cousins. Desert Seltas have also been known to burrow freely through the ground.


  • Order: Coleoptera
  • Suborder: Adephaga
  • Family: Seltas

Desert Seltas are a medium sized Neopteron and are the male counterparts of the Desert Seltas Queen. This species, like the other Seltas Species, shows a perfect example of sexual dimorphism. Desert Seltas are a Subspecies of the Seltas.

Habitat Range

The known habitats of the Desert Seltas include Ancestral Steppe, Sunken Hollow, Everwood, and Dunes.

Ecological Niche

Desert Seltas are low in the food chain and can be preyed upon by many predators like the Shrouded Nerscylla, Seregios, Tigerstripe Zamtrios, Rajang, and Elder Dragons. Seltas can feed on small prey like Kelbi, Altaroth, Gargwa, and Konchu along with Jaggi, Aptonoth, and Bnahabra. The main predator of Desert Seltas could be considered to be its mate, Desert Seltas Queen. Desert Seltas Queen have been witnessed feeding on them like the other Seltas Queen species.

Biological Adaptations

Unlike Seltas, Desert Seltas have a dual-pronged canopy instead of a single spiked canopy. The reason for this is because he uses this canopy to help him burrow and dig into the ground, where he spends most of his time. This canopy can pierce through rock, while also pulling out objects. The Desert Seltas also has a thin protective film layer made of his body fluids that allow him to freely dig without any problems. To help him survive in the Dunes, its color has evolved to help him camouflage with his environment. Desert Seltas have an organ that produces a paralyzing venom that spreads through out his body that he is able to shoot from his abdomen to paralyze prey in their tracks. Like Seltas, Desert Seltas have wings that allow him to fly at break neck speeds.


Desert Seltas aren't very aggressive but will attack anything that seems like potential prey in a minute. Desert Seltas are noticeably tougher than Seltas so they are only limited to G-Rank. When the Desert Seltas is with the Desert Seltas Queen, he will become a lot more aggressive and will fall under her control from her pheromones. Many Desert Seltas that fall under her control are usually killed by her due to her using them as disposable ammo for predators.


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