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Deserted Island Map (MHP3rd)

Deserted Island Map (MHGen)

Resource Map

The Deserted Island is a location introduced in Monster Hunter 3. It is located along an island coastline near Moga Village. This place is characterized by deep bodies of ocean water, seaside caves, highland regions, and streams of fresh water. This peaceful, temperate environment is home to a variety of monsters, such as Rathalos, Lagiacrus, Qurupeco, and Great Jaggi.

Common Resources


  • Frog
  • Worm


  • Bone
  • Monster Bone S
  • Mystery Bone
  • Unknown Skull

Bone (submerged)

  • Broken Shell
  • Black Pearl (High-rank, Deserted Island only)
  • Jumbo Pearl
  • Red Coral Stone
  • Stone


  • Bitterbug
  • Bughopper
  • Carpenterbug
  • Flashbug
  • Godbug
  • Gold Cricket (High-rank, Deserted Island only)
  • Hercudrome (High-rank)
  • Insect Husk
  • King Scarab (High-rank)
  • Mega Fishing Fly
  • Silver Cricket
  • Spider Web
  • Stinkhopper
  • Thunderbug
  • Worm


  • Dung


  • Armorfish Morsel
  • Glutton Tuna
  • Goldenfish (Deserted Island only, area 10)
  • Mystic Narwhal
  • Pin Tuna
  • Popfish
  • Scatterfish
  • Small Goldenfish
  • Speartuna (Deserted Island only, area 10)
  • Sushifish
  • Whetfish


  • Antidote Herb
  • Huskberry (Deserted Island only)
  • Ivy
  • Might Seed
  • Paintberry
  • Sap Plant


  • Honey
  • Insect Husk
  • Snakebee Larva


  • Blue Mushroom
  • Choice Mushroom
  • Dragon Toadstool
  • Exciteshroom
  • Insect Husk
  • Unique Mushroom

Mining Node

  • Aquaglow Jewel
  • Armor Sphere (High-rank)
  • Armor Sphere+ (High-rank)
  • Bealite Ore (Generations/GU)
  • Bloodrun Jewel (High-rank)
  • Carbalite Ore (High-rank)
  • Dragonite Ore (High-rank)
  • Earth Crystal
  • Iron Ore
  • Lightcrystal (High-rank)
  • Purecrystal (G-rank, Secret Mining Spot Only)
  • Machalite Ore
  • Stone
  • Sunspire Jewel (High-rank, Deserted Island only)
  • Whetstone


  • Airweed
  • Felvine
  • Herb
  • Insect Husk
  • Ivy
  • Might Seed
  • Sap Plant
  • Spider Web


  • Insect Husk
  • Stone
  • Whetstone


  • Torch (area 1)

Yellow Sparkle

These commodities are only found in Moga Woods when you're not on a quest. They appear more often when the Moga Forcast says "Abundant Commodities".

  • Abalone Piece
  • Dragonbone Piece
  • Fossil Piece
  • Giant Fossil (High-rank)
  • Gloamgrass Bud (High-rank)
  • Odd Egg


  • In Area 6, one of the stone walls has a large face carved into it, showing that not all of the ruins of the past Moga inhabitants were submerged.
  • In Area 1, Aptonoth can be seen walking in place on a cliff, their feet appear to be underground.
  • In Area 1, birds can be seen flying over the ocean, including seagulls, large brown birds, and an occasional large black bird.
  • The inner posts of the gate that connects to Moga Village has felyne faces carved into them.
  • At night, crickets can be heard in areas where there are no gathering spots, so crickets can not be found in that area.
  • The shortcut from Area 11 to Area 8 can be travelled from both areas.
  • In Generations, some aquatic monsters can leap into the water in Area 7 to travel to Area 10, and vice-versa.

Veggie Elder

Location: Area 4, in the cave with the Felyne's nest. Must crouch to enter. He will only appear in actual quests and not in Moga Woods free hunts.

MH3 Ultimate

VeggieElder.png Exchanged Item Received Item Gifts
Unique Mushroom Fishing Harpoons
  • First-aid Med
  • Ration
  • Old Pickaxe
  • Psychoserum
  • Mega Pickaxe
Choice Mushroom Iron Pickaxe
Ripened Mushroom Mega Harpoon
Small Goldenfish Farcaster
Goldenfish EZ Shock Trap
Red Coral Stone Old Bug Net
Wyvern Egg Dash Juice
Monster Guts First-aid Med
Wyvern Tears Mega Potion
VE Ticket Lifecrystal
VE Ticket Bronze Rathian Spike
VE Ticket Silver Rathalos Plate

VE Ticket Gold

Rathalos Ruby

VE Ticket Cosmic

Rathalos Mantle

Moga Hunt


MH3-Great Jaggi Icon.png
Great Jaggi
MH3-Qurupeco Icon.png
MH3-Royal Ludroth Icon.png
Royal Ludroth
MH3-Rathian Icon.png
MH3-Rathalos Icon.png
MH3-Lagiacrus Icon.png
  • Even though only 2 Large Monsters are listed on the Moga Forecast, if both are hunted, a third monster will appear after about 5 minutes.
  • In MH3U, when initiating a Free Hunt in the Deserted Island, you can choose to hunt during the day or the night. In the day, the materials and carves are Low-rank, and all of the monsters are native to the area. In the night, however, everything is in High-rank, and monsters that normally do not appear in the Deserted Island, such as Barroth and Great Wroggi, appear for you to hunt for resource points.
  • Below is a list of all the monsters you can find in the Deserted Island, what time they appear, and what is required for them to appear.

Day Monsters

Monster Village Level Unlock Requirement
Great Jaggi 9 Village Quest: Pain in the Plains
Qurupeco 12 Village Quest: Playing with Fire
Royal Ludroth 13 Village Quest: Save Our Boat
Rathian 18 Village Quest: Dragon Lady
Lagiacrus 22 Village Quest: Walk 'n' Roll, and Village Quest: The Desert Gourmand
Rathalos 23

Complete Request: The Ancient Mask and obtain it.

Night Monsters

Monster Village Level Unlock Requirement
Purple Ludroth 28 Village Quest: Poison Control
Arzuros 28 Village Quest: Double Jeopardy
Qurupeco 28 Village Quest: Siren's Song
Crimson Qurupeco 28 Village Quest: Bye-Bye Bloom
Great Jaggi 28 Village Quest: Field Trip
Great Wroggi 28

Village Quest: Toxic Troublemaker

Barroth 28 Village Quest: Leading the Charge
Rathian 28 Village Quest: The Merchant's Mission
Pink Rathian 28 Village Quest: Pink Queen of the Peaks
Royal Ludroth 28 Village Quest: Current Events
Plesioth 30 Village Quest: Splash Damage
Gobul 30 Village Quest: Scene of the Crime
Great Baggi 30 Village Quest: Leader of the Icepack
Volvidon 30 Village Quest: Rockslide
Uragaan 32 Village Quest:The Volcano's Fury
Diablos 32 Village Quest: The Horned Wyvern
Duramboros 32 Village Quest: The Moving Mountain
Lagiacrus 32 Village Quest: The Fisherman's Fiend
Rathalos 32 Village Quest: Masked Robbery
Brachydios 33 Village Quest: Brachydios Means Trouble
Zinogre 35 Village Quest: Howl at the Moon
Nargacuga 35 Village Quest: Jumping at Shadows
Azure Rathalos 35 Village Quest: Azure Attack
Steel Uragaan 37 Village Quest: Ace in the Hole
Black Diablos 37 Village Quest: Midnight Madness
Ivory Lagiacrus 39 Village Quest: Conqueror of Land and Sea
Deviljho 39 Village Quest: Into the Fire

Monster Rewards

Monster Time Kill Item 1 % Item 2 % Item 3 %
Felyne Both 0pt Whetfish 45% Sushifish 35% None


Aptonoth Both 1pt Dung 55% Raw Meat 30% None 15%
Aptonoth (Large) Both 1pt Super Sized Dung 95% Giant Skull 5% - -
Epioth Both 5pt Raw Meat 55% Power Paddle 25% None 20%
Altaroth Both 1pt Shroom Germ 40% Fish Finder 30% None 30%
Giggi Day 3pt None 45% Fish Finder 40% Gold Needle 15%
Fish Both 3pt Fish Finder 45% Beautiful Scale 30% None 25%
Kelbi Both 2pt Shroom Germ 60% None 25% Funky Pheromones 15%
Kelbi (Rare) Both 2pt Fine Pelt 100% - - - -
Jaggi Both 5pt Curved Fang 60% None 25% Pittance Fang 15%
Jaggia Both 10pt Curved Fang 55% Pittance Fang 43% Moonlight Fang 2%
Baggi Night 6pt Curved Fang 60% None 25% Pittance Fang 15%
Bnahabra Both 3pt Funky Pheromones 70% None 30% - -
Bnahabra (Giant) Day 3pt Gold Needle 95% Queen Needle 5% - -

Bnahabra (Giant)

Night 3pt Platinum Needle 95% Queen Needle 5% - -
Bullfango Night 13 Bulky Pelt 75% None 20% Excellent Fang 5%
Wroggi Night 6pt Curved Fang 60% None 25% Pittance Fang 15%
Melynx Both 0pt Sushifish 45% Whetfish 35% None 20%
Ludroth Both 13pt Power Paddle 50% Perfect Paddle 35% None 15%


MH3U-Great Jaggi Icon.png
Great Jaggi
MH3U-Arzuros Icon.png
MH3U-Qurupeco Icon.png
MH3U-Crimson Qurupeco Icon.png
Crimson Qurupeco
MH3U-Great Wroggi Icon.png
Great Wroggi
MH3U-Royal Ludroth Icon.png
Royal Ludroth
MH3U-Purple Ludroth Icon.png
Purple Ludroth
MH3U-Barroth Icon.png
MH3U-Rathian Icon.png
MH3U-Pink Rathian Icon.png
Pink Rathian
MH3U-Nargacuga Icon.png
MH3U-Green Nargacuga Icon.png
Green Nargacuga
MH3U-Great Baggi Icon.png
Great Baggi
MH3U-Volvidon Icon.png
MH3U-Duramboros Icon.png
MH3U-Uragaan Icon.png
MH3U-Steel Uragaan Icon.png
Steel Uragaan
MH3U-Plesioth Icon.png
MH3U-Rathalos Icon.png
MH3U-Azure Rathalos Icon.png
Azure Rathalos
MH3U-Diablos Icon.png
MH3U-Black Diablos Icon.png
Black Diablos
Zinogre Icon.png
MH3U-Deviljho Icon.png
MH3U-Brachydios Icon.png
MH3U-Lagiacrus Icon.png
MH3U-Ivory Lagiacrus Icon.png
Ivory Lagiacrus
MH3U-Gobul Icon.png

Music Themes

Battle_Deserted_Island_Monster_Hunter_Generations_Soundtrack MH3/MHP3rd/MH3U/MHX: Deserted Island Theme


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