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Diorekkusu is a Burst Species Flying Wyvern first introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G Genuine.


They heavily resemble Tigrex only their bodies are a variety of shades of grey, mostly a pale grey. More often than not their bodies are covered in tons of glowing blue electrically charged bits of ore to protect their otherwise very soft bodies.


Diorekkusu has organs located throughout its body that generate electricity allowing it to magnetize bits of ore to themselves as armor, release waves of static with a swipe of its claws or tail, charging up ore filled boulders they throw, or manipulate the environment by creating ledges to jump on so it can leap at hunters, or create levitating platforms for it to jump on and crush, sending rubble raining down on those below, it is also able to breath a sweeping electricity beam and it retains the damaging roars of its cousins.


Diorekkusu like their relatives are very viscous and dangerous monsters, they are considered some of the most dangerous members of the Rex family.


Diorekkusu inhabit areas plentiful in ore, namely the Great Forest Peak and can also be encountered in the Fortress Ruins.

Game Appearances

Main Series

  • None


In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier Z
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Music Themes

MHFG_ディオレックス_BGM Diorekkusu Theme


General Notes

  • Before performing any of its attacks it charges up for a second or two, this can be visibly seen on either its arms, head, or tail, the pattern of the parts charging determines what attack it will do.
  • Breakable parts are head, front claws, back legs and tail. Front claws and head can be damaged, and tail can be severed once its armor has been removed in said body parts.
  • The real skin color of the Diorekkusu is a pale grey.
  • Diorekkusu's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.
  • Diorekkusu is a Burst Species (烈種) of Tigrex.
  • Diorekkusu's concept is "A fun, enjoyable monster for Tonfa users".

Monster Hunter Frontier

  • When it notices a hunter it will use its magnetism to encase itself in a blue armor made out of ore from the surrounding area. Afterwards, it will roar and create a shockwave around it, causing huge damage to any hunter who is hit.
  • Diorekkusu's armor is tough and even Purple Sharpness weapons may bounce on it.

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