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Dire Miralis is an Elder Dragon introduced in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.


Dire Miralis is a very large, semi-aquatic Elder Dragon. Its body structure is reminiscent of Fatalis, with relatively short limbs and a long tail and neck. Its body is filled with a magma-like substance which pools at the base of the tail, the chest, and at each shoulder. Each of these pools directs magma flow to certain parts of the body. On its back are a pair of wing-like appendages. Seemingly useless in terms of flight, these "wings" feature cannon-like chutes which can extrude globules of magma, both as a means of defense and as a way to jettison excess magma. Dire Miralis's head features a frill-like structure and an upturned snout.


Dire Miralis is unique; it can shoot magma balls out of its highly specialized wing plates, which fly into the air and land explosively around the area. Dire Miralis can also be fought both on land and underwater, frequently changing between the two. It is known to use its massive, heavy tail to crush and smack opponents.


Similar to that of Fatalis and its relatives, Dire Miralis is very aggressive and territorial. It relentlessly attacks hunters by using its magma filled wing-plates and summoning meteors from the sky.


This monster is only known to be encountered in the Tainted Sea. Because of the massive amount of heat its body produces, it is likely that Dire Miralis requires this shallow sea to regulate body temperature and cool it off when it begins to overheat.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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Logo-MH3U.png (2013) Monster Hunter 3 G (2011) Logo-MH3U.png (2013)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Question Mark Icon.png Some legends consider this great dragon to be the devil fated to destroy the world, while others claim it is the giant who birthed creation. Is there any way for mere humans to quell its unending rage?

Music Themes

Dire_Miralis_Soundtrack_Wii_U-HD_Best_Stereo_Audio MH3U: Dire Miralis Music Theme


General Notes

  • Dire Miralis' roar requires HG Earplugs to block.
  • If enough damage is dealt to one of its legs (preferably while on land), it will fall down, leaving its chest very exposed for hunters to exploit.
  • The glowing parts on its body signify weak points. One is located at the base of the tail, right behind the hind legs. Another three are on its chest and shoulders. The whole length of its stomach is also a weak point. With Dire Miralis being so massive, they can only be reached in water, with Ballistae, or when it falls over. They can also be hit when its on all fours on land, but it is risky. The safest opening to strike its chest is when it falls down.
  • All of the glowing weakspots (except for the stomach), plus both "wings" and its head can be broken, causing the respective body parts to stop glowing. The chest and stomach take damage separately.
  • The base camp in the Tainted Sea can only be reached by using a Farcaster or fainting. It contains the usual items of First Aid Meds, Rations, Mini Whetstones, some bowgun ammo, Power Coatings and 20 Ballista Ammo for the two Ballistae in the fighting area.
  • Near the back of the area, there is a gathering spot where First Aid Meds, EZ Max Potions, and EZ Large Barrel Bombs can be gathered.
  • At the very start of the quest, fireballs will fall all around the hunter; take caution by dodging the glowing areas where they will land.
  • Two Ballistae are located in the area, aiding the hunters in fighting Dire Miralis. There are also three gathering points for Ballista Ammo, each containing 5.
    • There are two Dragonators located in the area, both inside ruined ships. One is close to the water and the other one is in the water near the end of the area, far from the first one. They charge up separately after activated.
  • Its attacks include firing fireballs from its wing plates, swiping its long tail across the floor, shooting one or two (rage mode only) fireballs from its mouth at a specific target, a charge similar to Fatalis ' Snap n' Drag, and a charged-up fireball that it shoots in front of itself, causing a massive explosion. It also has a very powerful attack in which it simply falls on top of hunters in a massive body slam. Just getting scratched by its legs as it moves will cause minor damage.
  • Throughout the battle, Dire Miralis will generate fireballs and output them through its wing plates, at which point they fall down to the ground. Just being near can cause significant damage if one is not careful. During rage mode, Dire Miralis will summon meteors to rain down from the sky with its roars, making it even more dangerous to stay close.
  • Dire Miralis has two kinds of attack positions, one is on fours, the other is when standing. When standing, the only weak points that are vulnerable to attack from Blademasters are the stomach and the cores behind its legs. During this state if it uses a body slam, it will switch to all fours. When on fours, close quarter attacks are not recommended even if the chest is vulnerable in this state because of the often used snap and drag, Ballistae are recommended. When it charges up and launches the super fireball, the recoil will push it upward and switch it back to standing form.
  • When Dire Miralis's health drops to around half, it enters an "Armor Mode", where its skin becomes harder, causing even purple sharpness melee weapons to bounce off anything that is not a weak point and dealing only a fraction of the usual damage. Its glowing weak points still remain vulnerable in this state. Even if a weak point had previously been broken, that spot will still be soft enough to avoid bouncing and is another option for blademasters if they can't reach its other weak points.
  • Dire Miralis will again exit armor mode when the chest is broken or near death. When enraged, the glow of the markings on Dire Miralis's body intensifies and its claws take an incandescent look.
  • Dire Miralis has 5 openings on its body which spew out fireballs. Two on its wings, two on its neck, and one on its tail.
  • Dire Miralis is currently the only Elder Dragon to be fought both on land and in water. Dire Miralis's battle stance on land (standing tall on its hind legs) is similar to the Fatalis, and it has more common features with White Fatalis than the other two Fatalis species.
  • Dire Miralis yields nine carves similarly to the three Fatalis dragons from previous Monster Hunter games. These are spread to separate carving points across its body so one has to move around to get all carves. Without Speed Gathering activated, hunters run the risk of not obtaining all nine carves (although it is possible to do).
  • Dire Miralis was the last monster in MH3U to have its localized name revealed.
  • The fireball dropping from the wings can be temporarily disabled by dealing enough damage to them, which causes the wings to lose their gleams. They light up again a few moment after.
  • It's easier to attack its chest and arms in water. On land it can hit criticals making it very dangerous to be in front of it. It is better to attack its chest once it has been stunned and falls down.
  • In order to stop Dire Miralis's wings from spewing magma during its attacks, wound its wings and then its shoulders.
    • Another way to dealing damage to disable the wing plate is to repeatedly attack its arm, but it will activate again after enraging it.
  • Dire Miralis' tail swipe can also be performed underwater, if you're attacking its glowing part near the leg.
  • To break the cores on Dire Miralis's shoulders and chest, players need to wound its wings or neck. Once lava is no longer flowing in the wings or neck, the core on the shoulders or chest can be broken. If Dire Miralis enters rage mode before the cores are broken but the lava is successfully removed, the lava will start to flow in the wings/neck again. If this happens, Players will need to repeat the process of removing the lava before breaking the core. Focusing on one core at a time is a vital tactic if players want all cores broken.
  • While on all fours, when it curls up to charge its huge meteor shower, dealing enough damage to any of its cores will cause it to fall to the ground in the same manner as if one of its legs was staggered.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

  • Slaying the Dire Miralis is the urgent quest at HR7 to gain access to HR8 quests.
  • Dire Miralis is the online final boss of MH3U.

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