Disufiroa is an Elder Dragon introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G2.

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Disufiroa possesses a body structure and behavioral pattern similar to that of Alatreon. Its underbelly is crimson and streaked with blue stripes while its upper body is white in color and bears small pockets of ice frozen to its hide. it has several protrusions tipped light blue in colour on its lower jaw and chest.


It controls a unique element called the Frozen Seraphim Element, which is a combination of the Fire, Ice, and Dragon elements. It uses all of these to a deadly degree in battle. Among its most notable abilities are its ability to summon massive ice pillars, fire a dragon element laser that ricochets off of a fabricated iceberg, and summon massive tornados of fire and ice. However its most infamous attack is used only at the very beginning of the hunt, in which Disufiroa will fire massive spheres of ice and fire that rain across the arena and explode. In its Shiten form, Disufiroa is capable of several buffed versions of these attacks, including a more dangerous and multiplicitive version of it's tornado attack.


Disufiroa is highly territorial and resilient, being able to live in the extremely hostile enviornment of World's End. It attacks hunters with a violent ferocity, often combining its elements in creative ways in battle, such as reflecting projectiles off of ice, or trapping hunters in pits of ice spikes before running them down with a flaming charge. It is even capable of faking its own death akin to Gypceros in order to trick hunters into carving off parts before ripping them apart with tornados.


Disufiroa have only been sighted at World's End.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Solstice War Disufiroa

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Disufiroa alongside Unknown is one of two monsters to receive a "Shiten" or "Solstice War" variation.

The fight is largely the same as the Lv9999 Conquest variation but with a handful of new attacks such as more devastating elemental tornadoes and greater tracking on its refraction laser. It gains a new phase similar to Unknown during which its chest protrusions become purple in addition to the blue stripes on its underbelly and the webbing of its wings. Its red scales also turn black in colour and its moveset drastically shifts to faster version of its old attacks, as well as some new large AoE moves.

Once slain Solstice War Disufiroa will give powerful sigils that you can add onto your weapons to increase its stats by varying degrees, change your weapons range stat, or slightly augment its moveset.

Damage Effectiveness

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Element Damage
Hitzone Fire.png Water.png Thunder.png Ice.png Dragon.png
Head 0 10 20 0 30
Wings 0 10 20 0 30
Rear Legs 0 30 15 0 5
Tail 40 10 15 0 5
Body 0 30 15 0 5
Front Legs 0 30 15 0 5
Element Damage (Third Phase)
Hitzone Fire.png Water.png Thunder.png Ice.png Dragon.png
Head  0 10 15 0 15
Wings 0 10 15 0 15
Rear Legs 0 15 10 0 5
Tail 20 10 10 0 5
Body 0 15 10 0 5
Front Legs 0 15 10 0 5
Status Effect
Poison Paralysis Sleep Blast Knockout
Initial Tolerance 500+LV*1.6 500+LV*1.6 500+LV*1.6 500 300
Tolerance Inc. (max) +500 (2000) +550 (2200) +500 (2000) +300 (3600) +250 (1000)
Tolerance Recovery 5 / 10 sec 10 / 20 sec 10 / 5 sec N/A 10 / 20 sec
Damage/Duration 960 5s 30s 800 8s

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
First US / EU Appearance: First JP Appearance: Latest Appearance:
None Logo-MHFG2.png (2013) Logo-MHF-Z.png (2016)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
FrontierGen-Disufiroa Icon.png 在傳説生物無法生存的「邊境之地」 被目撃到的 古龍。従各地償存的資料推測那是 被稀作 『熾凍龍』 的古龍。關於此古龍可説是完全没有 髏存的相關資料, 詳紬的生態 至今不明。

Music Themes

【MHF-G】吹雪纏いし焔_熾凍龍ディスフィロア_戦闘BGM-2 MHFG: Disufiroa's First Theme
熾凍龍_ディスフィロア_第二段階 MHFG: Disufiroa's Second Theme
MHF-G_熾凍龍ディスフィロア_第三形態_戦闘BGM-0 MHFG: Disufiroa's Third Theme

Disufiroa has three Music Themes. The first theme plays at the beginning of the Quest while the second theme plays at the second stage of the Quest. The third is exclusive to the "Shiten" version of Disufiroa, in which it will play after it revives from death.


General Notes

  • Unlike Alatreon, Disufiroa can be found in many sizes in-game from short to giant.
  • When the quest for Disufiroa starts, Disufiroa is already attacking with one of its deadly attacks.
  • Disufiroa is one of currently four monsters that have their own unique category of quests: Conquest Wars. This special kind of quest utilizes a level system that goes up to Lv9999.
    • Like all Conquest War monsters, Disufiroa will gain more health, attack power, moves and increased status resistance as its level rises.
    • The higher the level, the more rewards are gained. In addition, slaying the 9999 version of a conquest monster, will give you tickets to craft a transmog of its armor set.
  • Disufiroa is also special in that it has a "Shiten" or "Solstice War" quest. In which it will be akin to it's 9999 variant, however it will possess more health and a third phase with an expanded movepool.
    • There is also an "Upper Shiten" quest. In which Shiten Disufiroa has even more health, however you also have less time to slay it.
    • The biggest reason to participate in Shiten quests is the very good sigils that can be rolled from them. With Upper Shiten giving higher quality sigils.

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