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Disufiroa is an extremely powerful Elder Dragon that is thought to be a close relative of Alatreon.


In ancient times, Disufiroa fought against Shantien for supremacy over its domain with it coming out on top at the end.[1] It was thought to have gone extinct until the Guild rediscovered it while traveling on the Large Exploration Ship.[2] Amongst the Mezeporta district, Disufiroa is considered to be the strongest monster encountered in G-rank.[3]

Habitat Range

Disufiroa has only ever been seen living in the World's End, which isn't too far away from a stormy volcanic land that Shantien inhabits.[4][5]

Ecological Niche

Nothing is known about Disufiroa's diet, but its only known enemy is Shantien.

Biological Adaptations

  • Length: 1850cm[6]

Like other Elder Dragons, Disufiroa has wings on its back that allow it to fly, but countless scars can be found on them, possibly from previous battles.[7] Disufiroa gets its title, Frozen Seraphim Dragon, from its ability to control fire and ice. Its horn controls cold air, creating ice, while organs in its body produce fire, causing the two elements to constantly conflict with each other.[8] Though it can use both effortlessly, Disufiroa's life is always in danger because of it. Disufiroa has to keep a balance between the two to maintain control of them, or it'll end up killing itself.[9]

Solstice Conquest War

Though most Disufiroa die once they lose control of their power, some have figured out ways to free themselves from suspended animation.[10] Once these powerful individuals have reawakened, they'll surround themselves in fire, melting most of the ice off their body, before fighting more fiercely than ever before.

Natural Phenomenon

Disufiroa's presence alone is enough to cause extreme temperature changes to an ecosystem, making it difficult for other species, plants and animals alike, to live within the same environment as it.[11][12] It is also the reason why the World's End is a barren wasteland.[13]


Disufiroa is extremely aggressive, attacking anything that dares enter the World’s End.[14]



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