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In-Game Information



Estrellian Subspecies is a ??? recently discovered by the Guild. It was put into this class due to them not being able to identify what classification it is. Though research suggest that Estrellian Subspecies are some type of Wyvern Species. Its only known relative thus far is the Estrellian.

Habitat Range

The Estrellian Subspecies have been seen inhabiting the Moonlands and Ancestral Tomb.

Ecological Niche

Estrellian Subspecies are apex predators that have very little competition in their environment. Estrellian Subspecies only have to compete with Yian Garuga and Rathian in the Ancestral Tomb. In this area, they are able to hunt down prey such as Kelbi and Mosswine with ease. Within the Moonlands, Apceros, Bullfango, Cephalos and Genprey are the common source of food. Here, Akura Vashimu and the Estrellian are the main source of competition. The rare, large and carnivorous elder dragon Tartaronis can be a major threat to an Estrellian Subspecies.

Biological Adaptions

Estrellian Subspecies gets their title from their feather-like scales. These feather-like scales are usually hidden away by the Estrellian Subspecies until it becomes more and more active as it hunts down prey. To help it hunt more efficiently and become more active, the Estrellian Subspecies has an unusual relationship with insects known as Disaster Star Butterflies. These insects are attracted to a unique energy that it produces, that it uses to manipulate them to do what the Estrellian Subspecies wants. Estrellian Subspecies can manipulate the Disaster Star Butterflies to act as armor to protect itself from some attacks, swarm around prey, and even manipulate them to explode on impact to deal heavy damage to prey. An Estrellian Subspecies' primary use for the Disaster Star Butterflies is to increase its own strength, agility, and activities in order to better allow it to hunt. To do so, Estrellian Subspecies will gather the insects to charge itself up with the energy from them. This is very similar to how Zinogre use Thunderbugs to charge themselves up.


Estrellian Subspecies are mysterious and dangerous. The Disaster Star Butterfly are known to be far more active than the basic Star Butterfly.

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