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In-Game Information

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Doragyurosu are Flying Wyverns that hunters can see only once in a life time. They are Berukyurosu that have learnt how to control the Dragon Element.

Habitat Range

Doragyurosu have been reported in the Snowy Mountains, Highland, and Great Forest Peak.

Ecological Niche

Doragyurosu is a super predator high up in the food chain. Doragyurosu's diet includes Popo, Anteka, Giaprey, Blango, Bullfango, Erupe, Burukku, and Bulldrome. Though it has a variety of prey, Doragyurosu has to compete with many other predatory monsters such as Dyuragaua and Hyujikiki.

Biological Adaptations

The mane of Doragyurosu is pure white and perfectly used for camouflage when hiding in the snow from prey, hunters, or competitors waiting for the right time to ambush and attack with a great dragon blast or the long ribbon like quills on its wings and hips. Just like Berukyurosu, they are specialist fliers, likely able to fly through blizzards with ease and use them as cover. The scales of Doragyurosu are very insulated allowing the Wyvern to keep warm. The claws at the end of Doragyurosu's long fingers are known to be very much stronger than Berukyurosu's, able to hook into solid ice and rip out large chunks and use the claws to sling shot its self for flying speed, some claws have been known to be burning hot to the touch. The horn has the same use as Berukyurosu's stabling electric currents. The wings of Doragyurosu are just as strong as Berukyurosu's, but it prefers to stay on the ground.

Some more rare individuals have larger claws, yellow wing webbing, darker colored legs, use more powerful attacks and share some attack behaviors with Berukyurosu. Such moves include forward mid air flips using there claws as loose long Dragon Element whips doing so, releasing roaming balls of Dragon Element Thunder and following a target with a thin Dragon Element beam.

There are reports of a very rare variation of Doragyurosu known as a Phantom Doragyurosu. These Phantoms as called possess the unusual ability to make rocks, dust, and other surrounding objects float closely around there body. How they do so it is unknown, but they are extremely aggressive and are known to play dead before revealing these abilities. Encounters with this variation are extremely rare.

In extremely rare individuals upon extreme rage and near death, they have been known to play dead only to burst into a extreme rage Dragon Element bursting from its body and its body burnt red from over charge these individuals are extremely feared as they could instantly kill most large monsters.


Like most carnivorous Flying Wyverns, Doragyurosu are highly aggressive. Doragyurosu are known to be a very rare species to encounter. Encountering is usually by pure luck.


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