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Baelidae Subspecies is a spider-like Carapaceon that is believed to be the Subspecies of Baelidae or a Baelidae in mating season.

Habitat Range

Baelidae Subspecies can be found inhabiting Dark Veil Forest.

Ecological Niche

The Baelidae Subspecies is high in the food chain in its environment. Feeding on creatures such as Mosswine, Bullfango, and Vespoid. Despite its easy prey, it has to compete with large monsters such as Shogun Ceanataur, Purple Gypceros, and Basarios.

Biological Adaptions

Like their cousins, Baelidae Subspecies are able to produce and shoot silk to capture prey. This silk is extremely thick, making it hard for captured prey to escape. Unlike Baelidae, it can actually add two different toxins into its silk, making its already strong silk deadly. These toxins can either sap away the prey's strength or even paralyze prey in its tracks. Their pincers are can rip the very ground with their sheer force.


Baelidae Subspecies are a lot more aggressive than the Baelidae. With the silk combined with their deadly toxins, Baelidae Subspecies has a better success rate at capturing prey than their cousin.

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