Dundorma is a town that appears in Monster Hunter 2 Dos and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Located in the Schrade region, Dundorma lies east of Minegarde Town. Part of the town is in ruins from repeated attacks by elder dragons and other monsters. Despite its state of dilapidation, the Guild is attempting to reconstruct the town, and has retrofitted it with ballistae, two cannons and a Dragonator. It is ruled by a massive elder Wyverian referred to as His Immenseness.

Buildings & structures

  • Like the online town in Monster Hunter, there is an item shop, blacksmith & a guild hall for hunters looking for risky quests.
  • There's a stage where you can give the singer a music note so you can hear the song.

Online-exclusive Monster quests

There are several quests that are exclusive to MH2 online gameplay:

Most of these quests also appear in these games:


  • The Town area in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is based on Dundorma Town.
  • Apparently, Dundorma is very close to Castle Schrade, the location where the Black Fatalis is fought.
  • Dundorma is the headquarters for the Elder Dragon Observation Center, an establishment that keeps tabs on large monsters.
  • There is an extremely large Wyverian in Dundorma known as His Imenseness (大長老 / Great Elder).
  • In Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, the town was known as Dondruma.
  • There is a fishing area near the left side of the bridge.


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