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In-Game Information

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Duremudira is a recently discovered monster put in as an Unclassified Monster by the Guild. From how recently discovered and mysterious this monster is, it was put into this class until more research is done about it.

Habitat Range

Duremudira has only ever been observed in the Sky Corridor.

Ecological Niche

Due to these monsters never being seen interacting with other species, its unknown how these monsters fit in the niche.

Biological Adaptions

Duremudira is able to manipulate ice at will though it is unknown how it is able to do this, but it is able to manipulate ice in a multitude of ways. Seemingly, it is always surrounded by an aura of freezing air that it uses to produce many of its powerful attacks. With this aura, Duremudira maybe able to freeze whole rooms in the Sky Corridor or even make huge blocks of ice fall from the ceiling of a room in the area. The very ice it produces causes frostbite to humans just with a single touch. When greatly angered, Duremudira will begin to produce a deadly poison that not only drains an enemy's strength at a rapid rate, but also severely lowers the defense of its enemies. This makes killing or destroying the threat much easier for the Duremudira.

In the higher districts of the Sky Corridor, hunters have reported stronger Duremudira. These individuals are said to fall over, as if they have died, before filling a room with poisonous gas and reawakening. Due to the poison, the color of their body has changed dramatically, tainting its once blue color. These powerful individuals also have stronger ice abilities that can easily freeze hunters inside of icicles.


Duremudira are very aggressive monsters and will attack any hunters that enter the Sky Corridor. These monsters were left by the Ancient Civilization to guard the Sky Corridor from any intruders that dare enter the tower for its treasures and secrets.


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