Dyuragaua is a Flying Wyvern introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Season 8.0.


Dyuragaua has the typical body structure of primarily-quadrupedal Flying Wyverns. Its hide is covered with cyan and turquoise scales, with deep orange ridges, spikes, claws and horns. The head somewhat resembles that of a fox, with a mouth full of sharp teeth permanently bared, with a "mane" of sorts of red fur sprouting from the back of the head, with more fur of the same color on its underbelly. The tail culminates in a "club" of sorts, which is covered with rounded bumps or knobs in a staggered pattern. Lastly the wings have green membranes.


Dyuragaua primarily attack with claw swipes, spin attacks, and swinging their tails, but are also capable of releasing large waves of cold air as a breath attack and can also create freezing cold gusts with a swipe of their claws. Lastly they have an enraged attack where they flip forward and slam their tails down on the ground, releasing a gas cloud from the club which causes Sleep.


Dyuragaua are highly territorial and ferocious when cornered but surprisingly wary of people unless confronted, this being the reason they aren't sighted very often. They have a notable rivalry with the Flying Wyverns Berukyurosu.


Despite what their abilities would suggest Dyuragaua rarely venture into frigid areas like the Glacial Valley and more commonly are found in dryer and warmer areas like the Highland, Gorge, and the Nest Hole.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Hard Core (HC) Dyuragaua

FrontierGen-HC Dyuragaua Render 001.png

Able to first be hunted at SR22.

HC Dyuragaua has more vibrant colors, larger claws, longer horns and longer spikes.

Its attacks are mostly Gou Dyuragaua attacks like triple beams, double twisters and combo attacks, now sped up, plus a new attack where it sticks its claws in the ground then scratch's across the ground dragging its claws making twisters spin off in a circle.

Another feature that make HC Dyuragaua unique is its ability to side step evade Flash Bombs much like a hunter can evade a flash from a Gypceros.

Game Appearances

Music Themes

MHO: Dhuragaua Music Theme

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
FrontierGen-Dyuragaua Icon.png 塔にて生息が確認された飛竜種。 非常に警戒心が強く殆ど姿を見せなかったが、最近になってハンターによって発見された。 興奮すると体の一部が凍ることから『氷狐竜』と呼ばれている。
Monster Hunter Online
MHO-Dyuragaua Icon.png (?)


General Notes

  • In a Monster Hunter Frontier benchmark released by Capcom[2], Dyuragaua is seen attacking a hunter and Berukyurosu at the Gorge.[3].
  • Dyuragaua's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.
  • Dyuragaua is based on the Kitsune.
    • Originally, Dyuragaua was going to be based on a dark hero.
  • Similar to one of Mi Ru faces, Dyuragaua face somewhat resemble that of some depictions of Oni (Japanese folklore demons).
  • Dyuragaua will taunt by sharpening their claws.
  • The head, wings and tail can be broken, but only the ice spikes on on the tail when enraged can be broken.
  • Despite having ice based attacks when calm Dyuragaua can only cause Frostbite when enraged.
  • When enraged parts of its wings, claws, head, and tail club will be covered in a layer of frost and the bumps on the club will have sharp icicles forming on them.

Monster Hunter Frontier

  • When a Dyuragaua jumps back with its tail in the air and postured with one arm ahead of it, it will wait for someone to attack it first to do a counter attack that causes KO making hunters fall on their knees.
  • Dyuragaua takes an extremely high amount of damage from Poison (720). At HR5 Gou (剛) this is doubled and becomes 1440. However, its resistance to Poison also skyrockets each time it is inflicted.
  • HC Dyuragaua's roar requires Super HG Earplugs to block.
  • An HR5 Dyuragaua is capable of a triple beam attack, triple ice tornadoes, a smash attack that knocks hunters into the air then ice blasting them mid air and freezing the ground beneath it with its breath as it jumps into the air, it then lands tail first breaking the ice layer it made hoping the chunks will hit hunters, bounces from the tail landing then lands on all fours. It should also be noted that HC Dyuragaua is capable of these attacks at any rank.
  • In MHFG G rank Dyuragaua gets an upgrade to its ground freezing attack where it makes a pillar of ice instead of just freezing the ground and then breaks it, sending large chunks of ice in multiple directions until they hit something.

Monster Hunter Online

  • In Monster Hunter Online, Dyuragaua's name has been romanized as "Dhuragaua."
  • Instead of Frostbite, all of Dhuragaua's ice attacks inflict Iceblight.
    • Unlike in Frontier, all of Dhuragaua's ice attacks in Monster Hunter Online inflict their stamina-hindering status regardless of if it's enraged or not.
  • In G2-Rank onwards, Dhuragaua gains the counter attack and ground smash attack its HR5 Frontier version utilizes.
  • Dhuragaua has its own theme.

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