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In-Game Description

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塔にて生息が確認された飛竜種。 非常に警戒心が強く殆ど姿を見せなかったが、最近になってハンターによって発見された。 興奮すると体の一部が凍ることから『氷狐竜』と呼ばれている。


  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Wyvern Feet
  • Family: Rex

Dyuragaua is classified as a Flying Wyvern. It is closely related to a mostly unidentified species called Mi Ru.

Habitat Range

Dyuragaua have been living in the Tower's Nest Hole, Gorge, and Highland.

Ecological Niche

Dyuragaua is likely a super predator and a rather intelligent one, much like many other wyverns. They prefer to avoid competition, which probably explains how it avoided human contact for so long in the Nest Hole at the Tower, but since they have now been seen in areas like the Gorge and Highland, showing that many of these explored habitats could have many unknown large creatures that are yet to be discovered. Dyuragaua have to compete with other large predators such as Silver Rathalos, Gold Rathian, Espinas Subspecies, Tigrex, Rajang, Berukyurosu, Hyujikiki, and some Elder Dragons. Yet these Wyverns are no pushovers as Dyuragaua have been seen attacking Berukyurosu in the Gorge and making the powerful electric Wyverns retreat from such confrontations. The powerful Mi Ru is also a deadly threat when competing with them in the Nest Hole.

Biological Adaptations

Dyuragaua has primarily blue scales, though these scales are known to change color depending on the temperature. Throughout its body, cold air surrounds it and freezes foes around it. With this air around it, it can perform certain movements in order to manipulate the cold air such as making freezing tornadoes and breathing powerful blasts of ice. When enraged, the moisture around it is slowly frozen around its face, forearms, and tail. Dyuragaua also have strong odors through out their body, which can make an enemy sleepy. Though most of its body's scent doesn't affect hunters, the odors from its tail can easily put hunters to sleep. At first glance, it looks like they don't have wings but they actually have wings, though they rarely fly. A Dyuragaua's arms are thicker and larger than most other Flying Wyverns. They have a lot of muscles inside these arms and the claws rip apart prey with ease.

Some Dyuragaua have grown larger horns and claws with more vibrant colors including red claws and horns, blue tinted wings and a more blue shell.


Dyuragaua is a powerful predator in the Tower. It leaves its Nest Hole to hunt, and returns after catching and eating prey to rest. It is very territorial and will fight for its land.


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