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Ebony Odogaron is a Subspecies of Odogaron first introduced in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.


Much like its standard counterpart, the Ebony Odogaron sports scales and bone like protrusions which resemble muscle tissues that cover its entire body. However, these scales and protrusions have a jet black coloration to them hence its Ebony name. Its claws also have a more blood red coloration in comparison to the standard Odogaron's claws and are serrated.

Unlike the standard Odogaron, the Ebony Odogaron has glowing red eyes and its mouth emits a black smoke, not unlike Savage Deviljho, which has dragon element properties.

Behavior and Abilities

The Ebony Odogaron is an aggressive creature which is always on the hunt for its next meal. It carries its latest kill in its mouth as a means of sustenance to further improve its abilities when needed.

Much like its regular counterpart, the Ebony Odogaron combats with extreme precision, making it a deadly monster when confronted. It will swipe with its claws and tail in order to assault its opponent and will look for openings to bite them with its powerful jaws. However, being an evolved individual which has taken on new traits, it also has new abilities not seen on a regular Odogaron and is even able to inflict Dragonblight onto its opponents with the smoke it generates from its mouth. It will also spit chunks of flesh which it has been eating in order to attack its foes, infusing the flesh with dragon element to deal Dragonblight damage against its foe.

With its more aggressive behavior, the Ebony Odogaron is willing to attack even its standard counterpart, having the advantage over it thanks to its enhanced state.

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
MHWI-Ebony Odogaron Icon This Odogaron subspecies is forever on the prowl for its next meal, and is often seen carrying fresh kills in its mouth. Reports indicate it goes into a frenzy upon eating.

Element/Status Effectiveness

Monster Materials


For more information, see Ebony Odogaron Equipment



  • Dealing enough damage to its head will knock it out of its frenzied state.

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