Egyurasu are Flying Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G10.


Egyurasu have grey and blue bodies with beige underbellies, yellow helmet like crests, six yellow wing claws three for each wing, and dark grey membranes which turn blue in the middle and white at the edges.


They are capable of flying very quickly and breathing streams of fire surprisingly large for monsters their size, they are also strong enough to pick up hunters and toss them straight off the cliffs around the area for an instant kill.


Egyurasu are known to be quite timid creatures, however they are known to follow every command from a Guanzorumu in a "master and servant" type relationship. This changes come Phase 2 of the fight where they all flee leaving their "master" to continue the fight alone.


Egyurasu are always seen in the presence of a Guanzorumu flying around the Cloud Viewing Fortress awaiting their call.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
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General Notes

  • Egyurasu will only ever appear in the area when summoned by Guanzorumu.
    • Until summoned, packs of Egyurasu will fly around the area out of reach.
  • Egyurasu will assist Guanzorumu with some attacks, either by breathing fire with Guanzorumu, or picking up Hunters and tossing them off the Fortress.
    • Being thrown off the Fortress results in an instant death.
  • An Egyurasu is sacrificed by Guanzorumu upon entering its 2nd phase.
  • Oddly, Egyurasu that appear during hunts with Ruler Guanzorumu breath out dragon energy during the monsters entrance.
  • Egyurasu are not considered real monsters, they can't be carved and are not described in the monster log.

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