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Title Description Creator Link
"Real Monster Hunter" Monster Hunter in the real world with a comedic twist. Shiromizu [1]
"Rajang over nine-thousand / 9000 +" Rajang's power level is over 9000! SuzakuoftheSouth [2]
New!icon"Ultimate Art of using MOI" MOI= Moments of Invulnerability Mhfufighters Video:MHFU Ultimate Art Of Using MOI NO EVADE 1 2
"Now this is how it works" Sephiroth Incarnate goes on a Monster Hunter vs. Final Fantasy quest to defeat a Gravios. boldrin [3]
"MHF 下位レイア女史に投石祭Gしてみた" Four Stone Age hunters in MHFO stone a Rathian to death. melphis2001 [4]
Crazy guy in Japan made a gunlance How to make a real Gunlance video found at nicovideo [5]
"The World's Largest Velocidrome" Akubarix takes on the world's Largest Velocidrome Akubarix [6]
New!icon"Stick Monster Hunter"
Many chapters still coming TheXIIILightning Videos of the Cartoon

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Spore is a life simulation game that will come out for the PC on September 7, 2008. One of the features of the game allows you to create creatures. This is a list of users who have created creatures off of Monster Hunter monsters.

Monster Creator Current Rating Link
Plesioth adrigal 5 [7]
Khezu KiKeoLiVa 5 [8]
Khezu nekojin42 5 &feature=related
Akantor wyvernsmasher (YouTube) 5 Stars
2 Votes
Akantor wyvernsmasher (YouTube) 5 Stars
2 Votes
Monoblos Hock23 (YouTube) 4 Stars
1 Vote
Rathian billabong99000 4 [12]
Fatalis Hock23 (YouTube) No votes yet. [13]
Yian Kut-Ku TheRealCrunk 4.5 [14]
Akura Vashimu Monomaster5 (YouTube)
Ammarito (wiki)
5 [15]
Espinas Monomaster5 (YouTube)
Ammarito (wiki)
0 [16]
Chameleos doorhinge52 4.5 [17]
Tigrex billabong99000 4.5 [18]
Tigrex Metalhead430 5 &feature=related
Basarios malakyoma 1 &feature=related
Kushala Daora wyvernsmasher 3.5 &feature=related
Rajang nuke2099 0 [19]
Velociprey eon337 0 [20]
Lao-Shan Lung PitchBlack696 (YouTube)
PitchBlack696 (wiki)
No votes yet. [21]
Kirin PitchBlack696 (YouTube)
PitchBlack696 (wiki)
No votes yet. [22]
Diablos Chickens2007 5 [23]
Hypnocatrice BlahBohogun 3 [24]
Gendrome ragni13 0 [25]
Felyne citrocube 0 [26]
White Fatalis User:Boltman31 not yet [27]
Lao-Shan Lung User:Boltman31 not yet [28]
Nargacuga JRsilverfoxx1390 5 [29]