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Eo Garudia is an Elder Dragon introduced in Monster Hunter Explore.


Eo Garudia have the standard bodily structure for Elder Dragons. Most of their bodies are covered in a mix of white feathers and golden scales. They have black feet, red chests alongside the underside of their necks, avian-esque faces featuring piercing blue eyes, red markings, hooked down beaks, red tuffs on the back of their heads and a bit along their necks, and large red ears. Their last finger on their wings have a noticeable curve to them at all times, giving the last section of the wing an opposing circular curve, the wings also have some reddish-orange crystalline spikes of varying size on them. They also have ridged feather like structures on their backs where their necks start, forming a rounded structure. Running along their backs and tails are two red stripes, the ends of their long wide and rather flat tails also have large white feathers lining the sides. On the underside of the tail, as well as on the wings, are red structures with dark markings that form eye like patterns. In total there are five of these structures.


Like many monsters Eo Garudia are capable of breathing fire, however the fireballs Eo breaths have a unique property: They create wind tunnels pointing in the direction they were aimed, they last for awhile and push hunters around. Eo Garudia spend most of the fight in the air, gliding around attacking with fireballs, slaps with their wings and tails, and slamming down onto the ground. On the ground it'll also attack by doing things like far lunging bites. They can also dislodge the spikes on their wings (which quickly grow back), they stick to the ground and explode when hunters run into them. Eo Garudia will use these along with wind tunnels made by cork screwing to form traps for the hunters. When heated up Eo Garudia also gains a super attack: Eo Garudia will take to the air forming a crossed pattern of wind tunnels facing away from it, and release a slow moving large wave of flames that even picks up some large pieces of rubble along the way, Eo Garudia will return to normal after this attack is executed.


Eo Garudia is an aggressive though seemingly intelligent monster, utilizing its abilities to create traps, like wind tunnels forcing hunters to move quickly to avoid running straight into the dislodged explosive spines.


Eo Garudia have only been sighted in the Great Desert.


The name is derived from Eo for the "Sun" and Garudia for "Garuda."

Game Appearances

Main Series

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Explore
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Music Themes

【MHXR】天晶龍エオ・ガルディア(Eo_garudia)_戦闘BGM【舞い降りる日輪(仮)】 MHXR: Eo Garudia Music Theme


General Notes

  • When heated up the red structures on the wings and tail, the backnstripes, and their chests light up red, with the dark marks on the wings and tail turning a bright yellow. In addition the eyes turn white, and an aura of flame radiates from Eo Garudia during this period.
  • The head, wings, and tail can be broken.
  • Similarly to Nef-Garmat, Eo Garudia appears to be based on an Egyptian God, in this case seemingly: Ra the Sun God.