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In-Game Information

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非常に温厚でおとなしい草食種モンスター。 仲間意識が強く、群れの仲間に危害を加えられると団結して一斉に反撃を始める。


Erupe are small to medium sized goat-like Herbivores that are very skittish and somewhat curious. These creatures have specialized hooves that enable them to easily traverse the mountainous Highland region. Erupe are also close relatives of Kelbi and Anteka.

Ecological Niche

Erupe are herbivores that feed on the multiple grasses and plants of the Highland. However like the common Burukku, these creatures are common prey for the predator species of the Highland that include Pariapuria, Kuarusepusu, Dyuragaua, and Doragyurosu.

Biological Adaptions

To hook onto the the rocks and cliffs of the Highland, Erupe have specialized hoofs that can grasp onto uneven surfaces. To survive the rainy environment of the Highlands, Erupe have evolved fluffy fur that retains heat and moisture.


Erupe are mostly skittish and wary animals that prefer a wide berth. However, they have been known to eat food right out of a person's hand and even let people rub and pet them. Erupe are known for a bad behavior of eating anything next to their mouth, including some rocks like quartz.


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