Estrellian is a ??? Monster type wyvern, first introduced in Monster Hunter Online.

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Much like Gore Magala, Estrellian is an ??? monster, with a body visually similar to an eastern dragon. Its e= has an orange color on the top its neck through tail with bone colored spikes on its neck through tail and legs. Estrellian has a dark orange scale tone on the shoulders and upper legs while the front legs have an orange color as well as its hind legs. It has orange scales on its face with three pair of uneven orange feather-like spikes on its lower pale jaw.

Estrellian has long fiery antennae, a pair of large white slight curved horn on its cheeks, a pair of antlers that is pale and its frilled ears are slightly light brown.

Like Zinogre, Estrellian has two charged states, but it has different appearances instead of being in a single charged state and enter Rage Mode with it.

In its first charged state, Estrellian has a spiky armor which covered its head, neck, wrists, shoulders, back, upper hind legs, and tail. Its spiked armor is fiery orange in color and they are actually encrusted insects called Star Butterflies.

In its final charged state, Estrellian has an insect-like armor that is unique in its own ways. The armor-like shoulder insect wings, feather-like armor at the tip of the tail, insect-like wrist armor, upper hind leg armor, and insect-like spike armor on top of its neck through tail, are colored bright fiery orange. Also its underbelly with cracks is glowing orange.


Similar to Zinogre, Estrellian has the power to manipulate butterfly-like insects called Star Butterflies to either command them to fly towards hunters to explode on contact or covert their fire energy onto Estrellian to allow it to enter its charged states. It also shares some moves with Rathian, using a signature backflip attack that make it go up in the air, in high altitudes, and land on the ground hard without any problems. If hit by this, hunters can get hit multiples times from it while in the air. Also, it can command Star Butterflies to fly towards hunters to explode on contact.


Like male lions, Estrellian tended to be a lazy predator that rest on a tall tree in Esther Lake. However, if its in either of its charged states, Estrellian is now an active aggressive predator that hunt for prey or defend its territory from hunters.

Strangely, like Gore Magala and its counterparts, rumor has it Estrellian spreads some type of virus around that infects other monsters. This virus rumor will properly make Estrellian a parasite ??? monster with the same environmental destruction level as Gore Magala and its counterparts.


It usually lives in Esther Lake resting on a huge tree, or in the Moonlands.

Effectiveness Diagram (MHO)

Information sourced from ingame Ecology Illustration chart.

Shock T.
Pitfall T.
Flash B.
Sonic B.
Blast Status Effect-Blastblight MH4 Icon
Parts Physical Elemental
Cut. D. Imp. D. Shot D. Fire Water Thunder Ice Dragon
⬤ = Good | ▲ = Average | ✕ = Bad | ▬ = N/A

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
First US / EU Appearance: First JP Appearance: Latest Appearance:
None None Logo-MHO (2013)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Online
MHO-Estrellian Icon (?)
Threat Level (危険度): !!!!


  • This monster was named in an event with Chinese players choosing its name.
  • Estrellian's head, each front leg, torso and tail can be broken, and its tail can be severed.
    • Its tail and head can only be broken during the first phase of the fight.
      • Its tail must be broken in the first phase of the fight before it can be severed.

  • This monster is unlocked at Level 40.

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