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Evangelion Brachydios is a Special Species of Brachydios introduced in Monster Hunter Explore.


Evangelion Brachydios are crossover themed special individuals of Brachydios with the appearance that are inspired by Evangelion Unit-01. Unlike their relatives they have numerous green markings throughout the body, two green tipped square plates on their backs, robotic looking forelimbs, a green chin spike, a thin robotic looking horn, and a severed by default tail.

When in Rage Mode, everything green on Evangelion Brachydios turns red, their eyes glow white, a giant halo appears floating above them and their chopped tail gets a fiery orange club.


Evangelion Brachydios are capable of doing anything their relatives can do. If hunters get close to Evangelion Brachydios slime, they will explode to give the hunters Fireblight. Evangelion Brachydios do have the aliment Blastblight, if hunters carelessly step on the slime puddles.

If Evangelion Brachydios are "killed" by hunters, the first time, they will get up as a phase 2/rage mode transition.


Evangelion Brachydios only lives in Tower 3.

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Other Non-Subspecies Forms


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In-Game Description

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General Notes

  • This monster is part of a collaboration with Neon Genesis Evangelion. It being designed after EVA Unit-01.

Monster Hunter Explore

  • Different than it appears, Evangelion Brachydios deals Water damage.