Not to be confused with Subspecies, Rare Species, Lone Species, Burst Species, Origin Species, Zenith Species, Variants or Deviants.

Extreme Individuals (Japanese 極み個体 Kiwami Kotai) are a special group of event bound monsters, first introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G9. These monsters are rare, extremely powerful relatives of some known monster species. The Guild issue these Peerless (Japanese 無双 Musou) quests with shorter time limits, as well as repel quests (for most) for those unable to kill them.

List of Extreme Individuals

Monster Hunter Frontier G9

Monster Hunter Frontier G9.1

Monster Hunter Frontier G10.1

Monster Hunter Frontier Z

Monster Hunter Frontier Z Zenith


FrontierGen-Bogabadorumu Render 001
FrontierGen-Peerless Bogabadorumu Render 001
Bogabadorumu Bombardier Bogabadorumu
FrontierGen-Duremudira Render 001
FrontierGen-Arrogant Duremudira Screenshot 001
Duremudira Arrogant Duremudira
FrontierGen-Eruzerion Render 001
FrontierGen-Burning Freezing Eruzerion Render 001
Eruzerion Burning Freezing Eruzerion
FrontierGen-Guanzorumu Render 001
FrontierGen-Ruler Guanzorumu Screenshot 002
Guanzorumu Ruler Guanzorumu
Mi Ru (Unknown Flying Fox)
FrontierGen-Mysterious Mi Ru Screenshot 001
Mi Ru Mysterious Mi Ru
MHWI-Nargacuga Render 001
FrontierGen-Fleeting Nargacuga Render 001
Nargacuga Blinking Nargacuga
FrontierGen-Pariapuria Render 001
FrontierGen-Supremacy Pariapuria Render 001
Pariapuria Thirsty Pariapuria
MHWI-Savage Deviljho Render 001
FrontierGen-Starving Deviljho Screenshot 010
Savage Deviljho Starving Deviljho
FrontierGen-Zerureusu Render 001
MHF-Z Peerless Zerueusu Render 001
Zerureusu Sparkling Zerureusu
MHWI-Zinogre Render 001
FrontierGen-Howling Zinogre Screenshot 001
Zinogre Howling Zinogre


  • Starving Deviljho is the only Extreme Individual that is fought in a pair.
  • Thirsty Pariapuria is a G-Rank version of Supremacy Pariapuria with a couple of new moves.
  • Starving Deviljho and Thirsty Pariapuria are the only Extreme Individuals that don't have repel quests, they must be killed when hunted.
  • Aside from Starving Deviljho and Thirsty Pariapuria, all repel quests are limited to 20 minutes, while kill quests are limited to 10.
    • The Thirsty Pariapuria quest has a 20 minute limit, while the Starving Deviljho quest is only 10 minutes.
  • Sparkling Zerureusu was the last monster released before the announcement of Monster Hunter Frontier's shutdown.
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