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Fanged Beasts (Japanese: 牙獣種 Gajūshu), also known as Pelagus and Primatius monsters in early titles, are beastly, mammalian creatures that lack wings (although some have the ability to glide) introduced in Monster Hunter 2. They are often much faster than other larger threats.

Fanged Beasts were referred to as 'Primatius' in earlier translations due to almost all of the existing members being similar to real-world primates (such as Rajang), although the translation was changed to 'Pelagus' in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. More varieties of these monsters were added in MHP3 (such as the bear-like Arzuros), and were titled 'Fanged Beasts' in the Japanese version. The name 'Fanged Beasts' was used from the English version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate onwards, and later games have introduced more varieties of these monsters.

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  • Bullfango, previously a Herbivore in the First Generation of Monster Hunter Series, was reclassified as a Fanged Beast in the later generations.