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Farunokku is a Bird Wyvern first introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G.

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Farunokku are easily identifiable monsters, due to their vivid yellow and teal colors, as well as their signature "manes" — puffy balls of feathers that grow on the Farunokku's necks. They have light brown beaks and dark brown, three-toed feet. Small stripes of yellow can be seen on the frames of their wings, and lines of erect feathers can be found on the back of their legs. Their tails are long and curve upward towards the end, with yellow underneath and blue on the top.


Farunokku have been found in both the Great Forest and Desert. The same habitats Hypnocatrice frequently travel between.


It is capable of producing powerful static electricity attacks, which it appears to use in a defensive manner. Much like the Hypnocatrice, it will jump around repeatedly and move about as if it were dancing.


When charged with static electricity Farunokku will violently chase even predators relentlessly with no mercy.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
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Monster Hunter Online
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  • In the first MHFG trailer a Farunokku is seen confronting a Hypnocatrice.
  • Farunokku superficially resembles Hypnocatrice, in the same way that Yian Garuga resembles Yian Kut-Ku.
  • Unlike Hypnocatrice, Farunokku has a feathery mane on its head, different shaped feathers on its back and tail, and feathers on the back of its legs. Plus the webbing on the back of its wings appear to look scratched up.
  • Farunokku feasts on mushrooms, much like Congalala.
  • The head can be broken twice and its tail can be severed and carved.

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