Materials Required Cost
Palico Head Icon White
Tigrex Cortex x1
500 pts
Palico Torso Icon White
Tigrex Shard x1
500 pts
Total Materials
  • Tigrex Cortex x1
  • Tigrex Shard x1
1000 pts

Individual Pieces

Palico Head Icon White Head Palico Torso Icon White Torso
Name Felyne Tigrex Helm α+ Felyne Tigrex Mail α+
Defense 92 92
Status Effect-Fireblight MH4 IconFire 2 2
Status Effect-Waterblight MH4 IconWater 0 0
Status Effect-Thunderblight MH4 IconThunder -3 -3
Status Effect-Iceblight MH4 IconIce 0 0
Status Effect-Dragonblight MH4 IconDragon -2 -2
Description This Tigrex headgear makes the wearer so violent they'll even bite the hand that feeds them. With this beastly Tigrex armor, the wearer gains enough confidence to crush anything underfoot.

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