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1 [Whim Skills Even A Blango Could Love -3-]

This series of articles is to introduce the hunters of the world to the wonders of Felyne Whim Skills, nya! This is the third edition, nya! Are you starting to understand how wonderful Felyne Whim Skills are!?

2 -Felyne Gathering-

If you activate this Skill and head out into the field on a gathering mission, you are sure to find more than expected, nya. You'll never come home disappointed again! This is a purrfect Skill for when you are after something special, meow!

3 -Felyne Escape-

If you have this great Skill activated, your escapes from giant monsters or scary wyverns will chew up much less Stamina than normal, nya. You'll never have to worry about running yourself ragged ever again. Now your dashes in fear will last much longer, meow!

4 -Felyne Heroics-

When this Skill is activated, hunters who find themselves in a jam will also find themselves endowed with even greater power, nya. Your attacks will be stronger, your defenses more powerful... Even your stories after the battle will be better, meow!

5 -Felyne Aim-

When you have been graced with this Skill, the Normal S you often fire from your Bowgun will be even more powerful, nya. It will be as powerful as a level 1 charged arrow from a Bow! Sure it's just one shot, but pile them on and it will surely add up! Too bad this Skill won't help melee users at all, nya.

6 -Felyne Medicine-

This Skill will give all your normal medicines and herbs a little pick me up, nya. Your regular Herbs will recover more Health than usual, while Antidote Herbs will be even more effective, meow.

7 -Felyne Gastronomy-

Felynes love fish, nya! With this Skill, you too will have the aura of a fish lover, and any time you eat fish, you will also recover some Stamina, nya! Fishies sure are tasty, meow! ...You don't have any do nya?

8 -Felyne Defense-

With this Skill activated, a monster's attack will occasionally cause less damage, nya. Sure, it is a simple Skill... But how many Skills do you know of that can save your life, meow!?

9 -Felyne Vine Climber-

Felynes are absolute specialists at climbing up to high places! With this Skill, you will be darting up vines like Jack up the beanstalk! You'll never have to worry about getting tired because this Skill also reduces Stamina reduction, meow!

10 -Felyne Combine-

With this Skill active, your chances at success during Combining will be increased, meow! It's just like having a Book of Combos! Or at least I think it is just like that, nya. When you fight a powerful wyvern, this is a Skill you'll surely want to have, meow!

11 -Felyne Martial Arts-

With this Skill active, your evades or Guards will eat up less Stamina than before, nya. For weapons without Guard, such as a Bow or Dual Blades, evades are absolutely critical, meow. This Skill is like a panacea that allows you to evade and fight with glee, nya.

12 -Felyne Strongcat-

Say you are carrying an Egg and some insects attack you... The Egg would drop, nya? Well, with this Skill activated, that will be a thing of the past! If you combine it with an item called Power Juice, Eggs and Powderstones will no longer cause you stress, meow! This is a great skill for Treasure Hunters, nya!

13- Felyne Fighter-

With the Felyne Fighter Skill activated, the power of your punch will be launched into the stratosphere, nya! Huh? Punch!? What's a punch you ask? Well, maybe you should try a gesture called a Taunt... Just don't get your hopes up for something too special, meow.

14 So what do you think, nya? Felyne Whim Skills are purrty incredible, meow!? There're lots of things that set them apart from regular Skills! Wait... You aren't sold on our whims yet? Well, then I guess I will just have to convince you with one last section on Felyne Whim Skills, meow!

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