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Fiercewater Nargacuga are Special Species of Nargacuga introduced in Monster Hunter Explore.


They have primarily deep blue fur with a small gray tuft on their backs with orange underbellies and mostly dark gray limbs, they also have white tipped ears and dark grey beaks. Their arms have a few sandy beige spikes on them and their wing blades are larger and segmented into sharp vent like structures with sandy beige spikes and blades of the same color on the ends, they also have light blue membranes with white edges connecting them. Their tails also split apart near the end with sandy beige sword-like blades with a few nozzel-like openings on the ends between where it splits.


Fiercewater Nargacuga share the extreme agility and strength of normal Nargacuga but are more adept at throwing their tail spines, being able to throw several clumps straight forward in a line compared to throwing them forward in a spread shot. With the amount of water stored in their bodies their wing slashes have larger hitboxes due to the water spraying out of them, and a slam of their tails create water splashes as big as they are.


Fiercewater Nargacuga retain the cunning and aggressive behavior of normal Nargacuga, though to a higher degree on the aggression.


Its only known habitat is the Deserted Island.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms


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Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Explore
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Music Themes

【MHXR】属性特化の特殊種モンスター_戦闘BGM【熾烈極まる】 MHXR: Variant Monster Theme


General Notes

  • Its head, both arms, and tail can be broken and then severed in the latter's case.
  • When enraged its eyes turn red and they leave trails as it moves.
  • Before doing its pouncing slashes or tail slams its wings emit a watery mist spray and water froths at the tail nozzles.
  • The tail spikes Fiercewater Nargacuga throws stick to the ground for awhile and damage as well as inflict Bleeding onto those who run into them.