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This category includes carnivorous fish (Sharq, Catfish), migratory fish (Tuna, Arowanas), and natatorial fish (Molids, Perciformes). Fish often flee when attacked, so hunters prefer to use harpoons to obtain materials from them.


These fish are similar to tuna in real life, both physically and in their means of migration. They can swim quickly, and their speed helps them escape hunters and predators.


These carnivores resemble extinct sharks in the real world. They will attack nearby hunters, but are not considered dangerous.

Sharqs are low on the foodchain; they eat other fish, but are eaten by other carnivores like Ludroth and Lagiacrus . However, a group of sharqs is able to take prey of substantial size.

They are also known as Ancient Sharks as they are most closely related to the extinct species of ancient armored sharks in real life.


These fish resemble real world Molid/Sunfish, and are just as docile. They are often found during Ludroth activity.


These creatures are the same as catfish in real life. They will attack hunters, much like sharqs, but cause very little damage.

Catfish are low on the food chain; they eat other fish, but are eaten by other carnivores like Ludroth, Gobul and Lagiacrus.


They resemble arowanas in the real world, but differ from real arowanas because of a specialized organ that causes them to burst open or even explode upon dying. Their green coloration camouflages them in the murky green water of the Flooded forest.


Same behavior as real life jellyfish only more aggressive when provoked. They may sometimes paralyze unsuspecting hunters.

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