Flame Blangonga is a Lone Species of Blangonga, first introduced in Monster Hunter Online.


Unlike the other types of Blangonga, Flame Blangongas have red fur with some small yellow present on the back, and grey skin. A patch of yellow fur is present on the "dome" on the head, resembling the spikey looking come on a Congalala. The eyes are purple, the head has a few pale yellow stripe marks, and the whiskers are half red and half yellow. Lastly, notably thick layers of skin with a rocky texture are present on the forearms and hands, with only a few "cracks" of red fur present.


Flame Blangongas are rather agile and fairly strong. They'll frequently use their breath to attack foes, in this case, being quite hot due to the environment, and stuff picked up by the blast of air. Their fur and skin keeps them safe from the heat, in fact the thick skin on the arms and hands is hardy enough to withstand lava, resulting in a tactic where a Flame Blangonga will cover its arms in lava to add a literally fiery punch to their physical attacks, or to throw as projectiles with a hard enough swing.


Similar to Copper Blangonga, Flame Blangongas live alone, but are still no less aggressive against things that get too close to them.


Flame Blangongas inhabit the Ghost Rune Volcanoes.

Effectiveness Diagram (MHO)

Information sourced from ingame Ecology Illustration chart.

Shock T.
Pitfall T.
Flash B.
Sonic B.
Blast Status Effect-Blastblight MH4 Icon.png
Parts Physical Elemental
Cut. D. Imp. D. Shot D. Fire.png Water.png Thunder.png Ice.png Dragon.png
Right Fist
Left Fist
⬤ = Good | ▲ = Average | ✕ = Bad | ▬ = N/A

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
First US / EU Appearance: First JP Appearance: Latest Appearance:
None None Logo-MHO.png (2013)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Online
MHO-Flame Blangonga Icon.png (?)
Threat Level (危険度): (?)


General Notes

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