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Forest and Hills Map (MHF1)

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Forest and Hills Resource Map

The Forest and Hills is a recurring location in the Monster Hunter series, introduced in the first game and appearing in all 1st and 2nd Gen sequels, before returning more recently in Monster Hunter Generations, known as Verdant Hills.

It consists, as its name implies, of deep forests and high hills, possessing an overall temperate climate.

The herbivores Aptonoth and Kelbi  roam the hills, as the location has an abundance of foliage, along with packs of Velociprey and their leader, Velocidrome. While this zone may seem perfect for novice hunters, it is not entirely danger-free; Rathalos and Rathian are commonly seen nesting on the highest cliffs, whilst Yian Kut-Ku, Gypceros, Yian Garuga, and even the Elder Dragons like Chameleos are known to inhabit this location as well.

Common Resources

Resources Areas found in
MH4G-Bone Icon Yellow.png Bone Area 4
MH4G-Bone Icon Yellow.png Mystery Bone Area 12
MH4G-Bug Icon Blue.png Bitterbug Areas 1 and 12
MH4G-Bug Icon Grey.png Carpenterbug Areas 2 and 9
MH4G-Bug Icon Yellow.png Flashbug Areas 9 and 12
MH4G-Bug Icon Light Blue.png Royal Rhino Area 9
MH4G-Bug Icon Green.png Killer Beetle Areas 9 and 12
MH4G-Bug Icon White.png Godbug Area 9
MH4G-Bug Icon Yellow.png Thunderbug Area 12
Fishing Bait
MH4G-Bait Icon Green.png Cricket Area 1
MH4G-Bait Icon Grey.png Worm Area 11
MH4G-Fish Icon Grey.png RumbleFish Base Camp and Area 11
MH4G-Fish Icon Blue.png Sleepyfish Base Camp and Area 11
MH4G-Fish Icon Yellow.png Goldenfish Base Camp
MH4G-Fish Icon Yellow.png Knife Mackerel Base Camp and Area 11
MH4G-Fish Icon Grey.png Pin Tuna Base Camp
MH4G-Fish Icon Orange.png Sushifish Area 11
MH4G-Fish Icon Grey.png Burst Arrowana Area 11
MH4G-Husk Icon Grey.png Huskberry Areas 1, 3 and 4
MH4G-Seed Icon Grey.png Needleberry Areas 1, 2, 3 and 4
MH4G-Seed Icon Grey.png Scatternut Areas 1 and 8
MH4G-Seed Icon Pink.png Paintberry Area 2
MH4G-Seed Icon Red.png Power Seed Area 10
MH4G-Mushroom Icon Blue.png Blue Mushroom Areas 4, 8 and 10
MH4G-Mushroom Icon White.png Special Mushroom Areas 3, 7, 9 and 10
MH4G-Mushroom Icon Red.png Nitroshroom Areas 3 and 7
MH4G-Mushroom Icon Yellow.png Parashroom Areas 1 and 8
MH4G-Ore Icon Grey.png Iron Ore Area 5
MH4G-Ore Icon Blue.png Machalite Ore Areas 5 and 11
MH4G-Ore Icon White.png Earth Crystal Areas 5, 6, and 11
MH4G-Ore Icon Grey.png Disk Stone Area 6
MH4G-Ore Icon Grey.png Stone Areas 6 and 11
MH4G-Ore Icon Yellow.png Goldstone Piece Areas 5, 6, and 11
MH4G-Jewel Icon Blue.png Suiko Jewel Area 5
MH4G-Whetstone Icon Yellow.png Whetstone Area 11
MH4G-Herb Icon Green.png Herb Areas 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9
MH4G-Herb Icon Green.png Ivy Areas 2 and 6
MH4G-Herb Icon Yellow.png Felvine Area 7
MH4G-Herb Icon Blue.png Sleep Herb Areas 9 and 10
MH4G-Herb Icon Light Blue.png Antidote Herb Area 10
MH4G-Herb Icon Purple.png Sunset Herb Area 10
MH4G-Dung Icon Brown.png Dung Areas 1 and 5
MH4G-Egg Icon White.png Wyvern Egg Area 5
MH4G-Scale Icon Pink.png Kut-Ku Scale Areas 5 and 9
MH4G-Spiderweb Icon White.png Spiderweb Areas 6, 8 and 12
MH4G-Webbing Icon Orange.png Honey Areas 7 and 9
MH4G-Barrel Icon Grey.png Large Barrel Area 12


Base Camp
MHFU-Forest and Hills Screenshot 046.png
A caved in area with a Resting Bed, a Supply Box, and a fireplace. There's also a Fishing Spot behind the Resting Bed, and a Spiderweb right around the camp, the perfect place to heal. Leads to Area 1.
Area 1
MHFU-Forest and Hills Screenshot 047.png
A grassy field bordered by a river and a forest. Frequently inhabited by Aptonoth but beware, during egg hunting missions Velociprey or Shakalaka appear here. There is single Dung spot here (you can also gather Kut-Ku Scales from it) and a Bug Gathering spot.
Monsters: Aptonoth, Velociprey, Shakalaka.
Area 2
MHFU-Forest and Hills Screenshot 048.png
A flat grassy plain, a hill oversees the area and can be climbed to enter area 6, Velociprey are very common in this area.
Monsters: Kelbi, Velociprey, Shakalaka.
Area 3
MHFU-Forest and Hills Screenshot 049.png
A large grassy plain atop a cliff overlooking a forested countryside.
Aptonoth graze here often. Shakalaka sometimes wait here to ambush Hunters. Many Wyverns come here often.
Berries, Herbs, and Mushrooms can be gathered here.
Monsters: Aptonoth, Kelbi, Velociprey, Shakalaka.
Area 4
MHFU-Forest and Hills Screenshot 050.png
A very large hill overlooking both the plains and the forested areas of this region, Vespoid can usually be found here, Rathalos, Rathian and other Wyverns come here often.
Monsters: Vespoid, Rathalos, Rathian.
Area 5
MHFU-Forest and Hills Screenshot 051.png
A dry and dark cave, a perfect home for Wyverns, they often lay their Eggs here.
Wyverns and large monsters will come here to sleep when they're injured, Velocipreys also appear here often, as they like to feed on Wyvern Eggs.
Monsters: Velociprey, Shakalaka.
Area 6
MHFU-Forest and Hills Screenshot 052.png
A long vertical cliff face can be climbed to reach the top of the mountain, there is a bloodstain near the entrance of Area 5, Mosswine are the only herbivores known to appear here.
Monsters: Mosswine.
Area 7
MHFU-Forest and Hills Screenshot 053.png
A secluded and peaceful clearing in the forest where no monsters appear, this is also where the Forest and Hills Veggie Elder stays.
Area 8
MHFU-Forest and Hills Screenshot 054.png
A very mysterious forest. There is an abandoned hunter camp at the north west corner. The dead body of a Kelbi is found there.
Monsters: Mosswine, Bullfango, Velociprey.
Area 9
MHFU-Forest and Hills Screenshot 055.png
A thin stretch of land that cuts straight through the forest. There is also a little lake where the dead body of a Kelbi lies around. There are two passages, one where you have to crouch to enter; you can find a Bug Node there, and another one where you can find a Honey Comb.
Monsters: Melynx, Mosswine, Aptonoth, Velociprey, Shakalaka.
Area 10
MHFU-Forest and Hills Screenshot 056.png
A serene pond surrounded by lush trees and shrubs, Shakalaka sometimes wait here to ambush Hunters.
Monsters: Melynx, Felyne, Mosswine, Bullfango, Velociprey, Shakalaka.
Area 11
MHFU-Forest and Hills Screenshot 057.png
A tiny route leading to a Felyne village. A small stream cuts through this area, Bullfango and Mosswine sometimes appear here.
Monsters: Bullfango, Mosswine.
Area 12
MHFU-Forest and Hills Screenshot 058.png
A Felyne village where a Hunter can collect Barrels and Master's Skulls (High-rank only). You can retrieve the items that Melynx stole from you at the Drop Point and a Spiderweb can be harvested here.
Melynx and Felynes live here.
Monsters: Melynx, Felyne.


  • In Areas 8 and 9 there are oversized Kelbi carcasses. Though they cannot be carved, you can sometimes see Rathalos and Rathian eating from the one in Area 9, if you observe from a distance. There are also Velociprey which eat from it in the quest "Your First Monster Hunt" in Area 8 in MHF1.
  • After killing 9 Shakalakas, King Shakalaka appears in Area 5
  • In 1st Gen games, the camera in Area 9 stays closer than normal to the player, making it difficult to see your surroundings properly and consequently causing combat to be problematic, this is fixed in 2nd gen games.
  • With the Backpacker Expert armour skill, it is possible to jump 2 levels of ledges without breaking a Wyvern Egg. This makes it possible to traverse area 6 back to base camp rather than use the long route. This immensely simplifies the quest especially when there is a shorter time limit.


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Music Themes

Battle_Verdant_Hills_Monster_Hunter_Generations_Soundtrack MHFU/MHX/MHF-G9: Forest and Hills Music Theme (HR1-4)
『眩暈_-めまい--森丘(HR100~)』_-_MHF_2012プレミアムpkgOST MHF-G9: Forest and Hills Music Theme (HR5~)
『生命育む森の息吹_森丘(G級の狩猟曲)』_-_MHFG_OST MHF-G9: Forest and Hills Music Theme (G-rank)


Title Location of Eternity
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Title Location of Eternity
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