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Fulgur Anjanath is a Subspecies of Anjanath first introduced in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.


Fulgur Anjanath retains many of the characteristics the ordinary species is known for, having the general appearance of a predatory dinosaur. However, unlike its counterpart, Fulgur Anjanath sports a bright white plumage on portions of its body, as well as a much brighter, light grey colored hide. Its head is a vibrant orange color. Dark grey stripes cover large portions of Fulgur Anjanath's body, extending from the head all the way to its tail.

The usually hidden 'wings' are of the same light grey color as the rest of the body on the outside, while having a dramatic purplish-blue coloration on the inside, which is adorned by blue crackles of electricity once the Fulgur Anjanath is charged up. Once in this charged-up state, the nasal crest and inside of Fulgur Anjanath's mouth are illuminated from the inside by a bright white light.

Behavior and Abilities

Much like the ordinary species, Fulgur Anjanath uses its powerful jaws and legs to strike down and overpower foes. Its main difference, however, is a unique affinity for the Thunder Element. It generates electric energy with a special organ in its body, utilizing it in combination with its already great physical strength. When charged up, its mucus will also be electrified, allowing Fulgur Anjanath to hurl it at opponents.

With this sheer strength and elemental prowess, Fulgur Anjanath is well capable of holding its own against many top-tier predators like Barioth or Tigrex, while even overpowering monsters like Viper Tobi-Kadachi.

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
MHWI-Fulgur Anjanath Icon With every attack, this Anjanath subspecies fortifies itself with electricity that it charges within its jaws and dorsal membrane.

Element/Status Effectiveness

Monster Materials


For more information, see Fulgur Anjanath Equipment



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