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From the depth, its voice can be heard.
"The time has come."
From the depth, it beckons: "Come to me!"
As it feeds on stolen life, its power grows ever stronger.
Until it finally reveals itself.

Gaismagorm is an Elder Dragon first introduced in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.


Gaismagorm is a massive Elder Dragon similar in size and structure to Gogmazios, though seemingly with a more pseudowyvern-like gait. Its back legs appear to be vestigial, as they drag along as it crawls along using its front legs and massive forearms, which appear to have been adapted from its wings like those of Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala. These forearms are incredibly dexterous, allowing it to easily climb vertical surfaces and even grip and toss objects at opponents.

Gaismagorm has a stout, angular head compared to its body with two horns and a mouth that functions as a unique sort of "split mouth" with four folding segments that come out from the jaw. The bottom two of which, possess two hooks that assist it when scooping up large amounts of matter that it either scoops out of the ground, or forces towards its mouth.

In addition, Gaismagorm has a barbed tongue, thick ridged plating covering its body with large central spikes around the shoulder region, and vents lining the surface of the body that it uses to expel energy absorbed from the Qurio, seen as "flames" which it uses to enhance its attacks and propel itself forwards. The Qurio themselves are violently protective of their host and swarm around it at all times.

Behavior and Abilities

Gaismagorm is the true host of the Qurio, and much like Malzeno, it shares a symbiotic relationship with them, and feeds on their life force for energy. It can manipulate the Qurio into doing a variety of attack and skills, such as creating crystal armor for defense and beam attacks. It has a vacuum breath which allows it to draw in foes before hitting them or absorb more Qurio to power itself up. Gaismagorm can further use the energy gained by the Qurio to launch explosive fireball attacks from its mouth or any of the vents lining its arms, propel itself forwards in a similar fashion to Magnamalo, fire beams that infuse into the ground to make aftershocks, imbue its physical attacks with explosive aftershocks, and finally shoot it up into the air to cause a field wide effect where chunks of explosive red crystal drop from the sky.

Gaismagorm is also durable enough that even when impaled by three Dragonators, which the last one being explosive, it can still fight the hunter(s) with no sign of injury at all, and can even take two more during that fight.

Much of its time is spent dormant in a nest it creates underground to rest. After around 50 years has passed, it then creates a giant hole from its lair to the surface for the Qurio to emerge from so they can feed on the local monster populations. Gaismagorm then waits underground until the Qurio return with life energy from the surface in order to absorb it. Once it has enough energy, however, it will surface from its nest. It is known to be bitter rivals with Malzeno, the latter of which has kept it underground for decades, if not centuries by preventing it from obtaining enough energy to surface through the use of hijacking the Qurio it uses to feed. Gaismagorm is an aggressive and gluttonous Elder Dragon that desires to consume all forms of life in order to become stronger. This demonic looking monster was responsible for the near destruction of the Kingdom in the past.

Game Appearances

Main Series

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
MHRS-Gaismagorm Icon.png A gargantuan monster living in the darkest depths since ancient times. Gaismagorm's rock-like forearms boast tenacious strength which allows it to burrow underground. It has a symbiotic relationship with the Qurio, and feeds on their life force for energy. Once it has chosen a place to nest, it collapses the surrounding rock bed to create an opening to the surface. The opening forms a massive crater in which it releases the Qurio through.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★★★★★


  • Gaismagorm serves as the final boss for the main story of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.
  • During the first phase, Gaismagorm's four front legs can each be broken once to produce large lumps of crystal that will explode when Gaismagorm performs its vacuum breath attack, dealing significant damage to it and potentially knocking it down should enough crystals be broken off.
  • Flash bombs do not work on Gaismagorm.
  • Its head can be broken twice, each of its forearms can be broken, and its tail can be severed for two carves.
    • Its body can be carved six times.
  • Gaismagorm's tail cannot be severed before the fight reaches its second phase, no matter how much damage is dealt. However, should the part break threshold be passed in the first phase, a single hit at the beginning of the second phase will be sufficient to sever it.
  • During its second phase, Gaismagorm will start climbing up a wall of the area, and machine cannons will appear. The player can use them to destroy three large clusters of Qurio on its back while dealing with Qurio that fly down in meteor-like clusters; if all three clusters are destroyed before it reaches the top of the wall, it will be knocked down and become vulnerable to attack. If it is not stopped, Gaismagorm will sprout fiery wings before launching a laser attack that destroys the siege weapons and creates a massive explosion, dealing likely-fatal damage to the players in a wide area should they not escape in time. This will happen twice before the final phase.
    • The first time a player fights it, in the "Proof of Courage" Urgent Quest, it will begin to climb up a third time, only for Fiorayne to knock it down with a flying shield bash, dealing roughly 4000 damage (with four players).
  • Gaismagorm appears to be based on Demons or the Devil.
    • Since Gaismagorm is based on the Devil and Malzeno on Vampires, the fact Malzeno shares a symbiotic relationship with Qurios, which initially belong to Gaismagorm, might be a reference to Dracula and to how he gained his powers by making a deal with the Devil.
  • Gaismagorm's theme plays during the first two phases of fight.
    • When final phase is reached, Proof of Hero - Sunbreak starts playing.
  • Similar to Tigrex, Gaismagorm's roar can damage hunters when they get too close.


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