Garuba Daora is an Elder Dragon introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G5.


Garuba Daora's body is golden, with some light blue crystal protrusions on its head, feet, tail and wings. Its overall body shape resembles the creature it mutated from, the Kushala Daora, but compared to it, its horns are larger, and has a different-shaped tail ending in a sort of club. It is also slightly bigger than Kushala Daora.


Just like Kushala Daora, Garuba Daora is able to manipulate winds and use them as a weapon, though to a lesser degree, only really being used for a few small twisters, pulling Hunters towards it, or releasing a gust with a slam of its tail knocking down those hit by it. Garuba Daora also has gold dust found in the air around it flaking of its body, which it can spread around before creating crystals from the piles as a telegraph. It is also able to upchuck a large crystal shard which stays on the ground for a bit where it lands. It can also release a scorching hot flash from its crystals where the only safe area is really close to it.


Like normal Kushala Daora's they are very territorial and very aggressive, sending other monsters and large airships crashing to the ground without a second thought.


Garuba Daora's natural habitats are unknown, as it has only ever been sighted high in the sky, beyond the reach of most. Despite this, some hunters are able to encounter Garuba Daora on the Large Exploration Ship. there have also been times where they've been sighted in the Fortress Ruins, although these cases are much rarer.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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None Logo-MHF-G5.png (2014) Logo-MHF-Z.png (2016)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G9
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Music Theme

MHFG_ガルバダオラ_BGM MHFG7: Garuba Daora Music Theme


General Notes

  • Garuba Daora is a Burst Species (烈種) of Kushala Daora.
  • Unlike the other Burst Species Garuba Daora is not a relative of the monster it's based on, rather it's a mutated Kushala Daora made so due to a consistent diet change.
  • Garuba Daora's head and wings can be broken, and its tail can be severed and carved.
  • Garuba Daora's roar requires Earplugs to block.
  • Upon entering rage mode, Garuba will jump back and begin charging its crystals to then blast the entire area with light, crushing anything outside Garubas protective shield.

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