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In-Game Information

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  • Order: Elder Dragon
  • Suborder: Steel Dragon
  • Family: Kushala

Garuba Daora are a very powerful breed of Kushala Daora that have adapted to a different environment. These creatures were once thought to be a myth due to the bright golden dust surrounding them obscuring the vision of others. It wasn't until the Female Guild Master had actually seen one of the dragons attacking the Large Exploration Ship that their existence was confirmed. 

Habitat Range

The exact name and whereabouts of the Garuba Daora's habitat/s is currently unknown. However, Garuba Daora can be encountered in high altitudes in the sky by using the Large Exploration Ship.

Ecological Niche

Like most other Elder Dragon, it is hard to say where Garuba Daora fits in with the ecological niche. So far, Garuba Daora are only known to feed on special ores and river stones. It is currently unknown if they compete with other monsters, although some believe they compete with Shantien since both have been reported to attack the Large Exploration Ship. However, this most likely isn't true due to Shantien living in completely different environments from the Garuba Daora.

Biological Adaptations

A Garuba Daora's body is a dazzling gold and covered in crystals. Originally, the Garuba Daora were silver but gradually changed over time. The cause of this change was its diet of special ores, river stones, and by drinking the golden dust found in the water of their environment. The golden color helps the Garuba Daora adapt to their environment. Interestingly, the Garuba Daora don't posses the ability to create storms like Kushala Daora and can be seen flying in the skies without a cloud in sight. While unable to create storms, the Garuba Daora control the element known as Wind which is a combination of the Thunder and Ice elements. When flying or in battle a golden dust surrounds the dragons and this makes it quite difficult for observers or attackers to see the dragons clearly. The quartz crystals on the heads, claws, wings and tails of the creatures are very transparent and are able to release a large amount of light. This light is capable of destroying and severely burning the area around a Garuba Daora. The tail of a Garuba Daora is shaped like a rudder and helps support the dragon in its natural environment.


Like Kushala Daora, Garuba Daora are highly aggressive and territorial. It will not tolerate anything in their airspace, even man-made crafts like the Large Exploration Ship.

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