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In-Game Description

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Gasurabazura is an unusual Brute Wyvern recently discovered by the Guild. Its ancestors were once an aquatic species that eventually moved to land due to severe droughts. These droughts slowly took the many waterways that once stood in its ancestor's old habitat.

Habitat Range

Gasurabazura have only been seen inhabiting the White Lake.

Ecological Niche

Gasurabazura are the top predators of the White Lake. They mainly feed on Kusubami due to them extracting the poisons this particular prey uses for defense. Other prey may include Apceros and Cephalos. Though there isn't much predatory competition in their habitat Gasurabazura must be wary of the aggressive herbivores, Diablos and White Monoblos, due to how dangerous and aggressive both species can be.

Biological Adaptions

On Gasurabazura's body are remnants of fins once aiding its ancestor in swimming but are now used for intimidating potential threats. Dripping from the gaps of its scales are powerful poisons gathered from its prey. These scales not only drip poison but aid in producing more poison for some of its attacks. This means that some of the poisonous attacks maybe much larger than many would expect. Its teeth also contains poison, allowing it to deliver a poisonous bite. Gasurabazura's skin is just about as white as the sand in its environment, giving it better camouflage in its environment, and this skin doesn't take damage easily. The main adaption that makes Gasurabazura unique is its ability to change its appearance. When greatly angered by a threat Gasurabazura will pump blood into its fins, arms, and tail, expanding those parts in size. To help pump blood into those areas of its body Gasurabazura has powerful lungs that once aided its ancestors in their aquatic environment. Strangely, the blood of Gasurabazura is always hot and its body parts are expanded by this heat. When those part are expanded Gasurabazura is able to use some of those parts more efficiently to attack enemies. Similar to Brachydios, Gasurabazura is able to use its arms to attack and fight enemies, leaving behind bits of poison while attacking enemies. It is also able to take advantage of its powerful arms and use them to toss sand or debris at its enemies or even use them to make sand traps for its enemies. When its tail is expanded with blood, Gasurabazura is able to smash down prey with its tail easily.


Gasurabazura are savage in nature though at the same time seem to be wary of something. Laying dormant under the sand until disturbed, Gasurabazura usually are quite aggressive once awakened from their slumber.

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