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In-Game Information

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An orange and green-striped species of small carnivores found mainly in desert zones. Traveling in packs, their large fangs and claws contain a neurotoxin that is used to paralyze prey.


  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Bird Feet
  • Infraorder: Runner Wyvern
  • Family: Genprey 

Genprey are small Bird Wyverns that are led by Gendrome. Their closest relatives are Velociprey, Giaprey, and Ioprey.

Habitat Range

Genprey are most often observed in their main habitat the deserts. They are also known to wander into the Deserts, Swamps and Great Forest, Genprey's coloration makes it most successful when hunting in the desert. Like many other Runner Wyvern breeds, Genprey are incapable of living in cold, arctic regions.

Ecological Niche

Genprey are a mid-level hunter. They prey on Aptonoth and Apceros. Genprey are pack hunters, and often rely on plans formulated by their pack leader, the Gendrome. Larger predatory monsters, such as Akura Vashimu and Baruragaru, can easily turn a Genprey into prey.

Biological Adaptations

Genprey are covered in scales used for both camouflage in the harsh deserts and repel the fangs of other wyverns. If the other wyverns have a type of paralyzing toxin, skin under the scales can neutralize the paralyzing venom. In their fangs and claws, is a deadly venom that can paralyze prey ten times their own size. Its estimated that it takes near seconds for the venom to paralyze prey no matter what size.


Genprey packs are a major threat for the general public due to them being more common than some aggressive Flying Wyverns native to the area.

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