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In-Game Information

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A species of small, bird-like carnivores known to inhabit the snowy mountains. Their white skin is beautiful, but their temperament is not. They are known to spit ice at hunters, and attack in deadly packs.


The Giapreys are Bird Wyverns starting from the Order: Saurischia -Suborder: Bird Feet - Infraorder: Runner Wyvern  like all the Velocipreys. It was once considered a albino Velociprey, though it is unknown if the individuals spotted in the Forest and Hills really were albino Velociprey or not as they never used any cold liquid.

Habitat Range

Giaprey thrive mainly to colder regions like the Snowy Mountains and has adapted to life the Tower, Great Forest and rarely the Forest and Hills Regions, even though they are much warmer than the Snowy Mountains.

Ecological Niche

Giaprey are the only species of Velociprey able to survive the great cold of the Snowy Mountains summit were they thrive. They are deadly pack hunters who compete with Blango for food and territory in the Snowy Mountains feeding on Popo, Anteka, Aptonoth, Kelbi and other Herbivores. In the Great Forest they may compete or team up with there relative Velociprey cousins.

Biological Adaptations

As to the other relatives of the Giaprey it is able to take high amounts of cold. This is because of the skin being warmer than its blood and is able to repel high amounts of the cold in the Snowy Mountains. As to the Velociprey it can spit an liquid that is able to knock back or freeze a hunter or any smaller animals.


Giapreys live in packs and obey their leader the Giadrome in what it dictates to the pack.Though they are small they are very aggressive if someone enter their territory. It is possible that they freeze food to store for later as this ability is very usefull in areas like the Great Forest or Tower

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