The Glacial Medusa are Dual Sword type weapons.


Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Dual Blades Icon White Glacial Medusa / (?) (MHFU)
Weapon073 Attack 308 Buying Cost Upgrade Cost
Attribute Ice, 200 N/A 85,000z
2nd Attribute Posion, 220 Buying Materials Upgrade Materials
Affinity 0% N/A Robust Wyvern Bone (6)
Giadrome Claw+ (4)
Ioprey Scale+ (3)
Toxin Sac (2)
Sharpness BredToraSyelSyelSgreTgreTbluSwhi
Slots OO-
Bonus None
Rarity 9
Description 'Impossible to use' Ioprey materials make this ice and poison combo a reality
Family Tree:
Upgraded From >> Dual Blades Icon White Glacial Medusa >> Upgraded Into
Snow Venom+ None
MHF2 and MHFU: Sword and Shield / Dual Sword Tree


  • Good early G-level weapon. When paired with Sharpness+1, Purple Sharpness is attained, making the weapon stronger. Capable of defeating a Copper Blangonga and several other HR8 monsters weak to Ice.


Snow Venom 2

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