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In-Game Information

MHO-Gold Congalala Icon


  • Order: Sharp Claw
  • Suborder: Hard Teeth
  • Superfamily: Blunt Teeth
  • Family: Conga

Part of the Fanged Beast class, Gold Congalala are said to be either Congalala that challenge leaders from other troops alone or just Congalala with very huge appetites.

Habitat Range

Gold Congalala can be seen inhabiting areas around Esther Lake.

Ecological Niche

Just like normal Congalala, Gold Congalala are omnivores, eating just about anything they want. Gold Congalala are typically nomads, searching for any kind of food, such as fruits and mushrooms, and absently wandering from one area to the next. Gold Congalala must compete with other Congalala, Hypnocatrice, Yian Garuga, and the rare elusive Estrellian.

Biological Adaptions

Gold Congalala has many of the same adaptions as a normal Congalala though with a few minor differences. Gold Congalala have unusually golden-colored fur that is caused by it feeding on special mushrooms. Also by feeding on these mushrooms, the Gold Congalala's gas has also been affected. The gas has been found to linger with it as it attacks foes plus it has been found to leave large trails of dung around an area in some cases due to the affects of the mushroom.


Gold Congalala are a lot more aggressive than a normal Congalala. Do to these Congalala being recently discovered not much is known about their behavior.

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