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This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Information

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A rarely seen subspecies of Ceadeus confirmed to exist deep within ocean ruins. The golden light they cast befits a creature of such legendary status. Sadly, little is known about their relationship to the standard Ceadeus.


  • Order: Elder Dragon
  • Suborder: Depth Dragon
  • Family: Ceadeus

The Goldbeard Ceadeus is an old Ceadeus individual that has lived longer than usual. Like Ceadeus, Goldbeard Ceadeus is classified as an Elder Dragon.

Habitat Range

Goldbeard Ceadeus live in the same habitats as Ceadeus, however, they are more commonly found in much deeper depths. There is a chance that a Goldbeard Ceadeus could wander into the Underwater Ruin.

Ecological Niche

It is unknown what the feeding habits of a Goldbeard Ceadeus is, like most other Elder Dragons, so it is hard to say where it fits in the ecological niche. Recently, it was discovered that young Ceadeus only have one known predator, Nakarkos. This predator is believed to also become a food source.

Biological Adaptations

Goldbeard Ceadeus has many of the same adaptions as Ceadeus, though both have some differences. Goldbeard Ceadeus's color is said to be caused by the luminous bacteria, making it glow a shiny gold. From its shiny color, it lives in deeper waters. Goldbeard Ceadeus's eyes are covered by its huge horns now. It is unknown how it can still see or sense hunters. Unlike Ceadeus, Goldbeard Ceadeus never has to come up for air from the many pieces of algae it has grown.


Goldbeard Ceadeus are more aggressive than normal Ceadeus.

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