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Goruganosu is a Piscine Wyverns first introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Forward.5.

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Goruganosu superficially resembles Lavasioth, only it is covered in lustrous gold scales. Along with Aruganosu, they have once been referred to as the Supremacy Species of Lavasioth.


Goruganosu utilizes the Thunder Element. It often performs team attacks in tandem with Aruganosu's Ice Element attacks.


It lives in the Tower, where it can burrow through the solid stone of the ground. It is never seen in any other area, or indeed without Aruganosu.

Game Appearances

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In-Game Description

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  • Goruganosu deals mostly Thunder-based damage, Aruganosu uses Ice-element attacks. As well as being color-coordinated, they can combine efforts to unleash devastating electrical ice-storm combos.
  • Goruganosu name are based on "Gold" for its scales color, which we took "Gol" ("Goru" in Japanese pronounciation) and "-ganosu" for Lavasioth relatives.

  • If Goruganosu is paralysed or put to sleep, Aruganosu will burrow up beneath it and launch it into the air, breaking it free of the status' effect.
  • Goruganosu cannot die until its partner Aruganosu is near death. When its health reaches 1 point, it will fall limp and flop on the ground until Aruganosu is the same then they both can be killed in a single attack.
    • Goruganosu can be revived and healed by Aruganosu when limp and near death.

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