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Goruganosu is a Piscine Wyverns first introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Forward.5.


Goruganosu superficially resemble the likes of Lavasioth and Jyuratodus, only it is covered in lustrous metallic golden scales, lacks armor of any sort, and has a sort of gold dust aura radiating off of it.


Goruganosu utilizes the Thunder Element being able to breathe electricity spheres either in a single straight shot or several around it, these electricity sphere's also contain a sedative gas putting those who inhale it to Sleep, it is also capable of creating decently large electrical twisters. It often performs team attacks in tandem with Aruganosu's Ice Element attacks to create bigger electrical ice twisters by combing the traits of both, they do this either by sending both twisters towards one another, or sliding around one another to generate them. They can also burrow through the stone floors with great efficiency even leaping around between the floor and air like dolphins leaping in the water. They can even knock eachother out of Status Ailments and "revive" eachother.


Goruganosu are incredibly territorial creatures that are mostly known for their near endless fights with their silver cousins, though they will cooperate with one another if something else enters the vicinity.


It lives in the Tower 3, where it can burrow through the solid stone that makes up the ground. It has so far never been seen in any other area, or without Aruganosu.


Goruganosu name is based on "Gold" for its scales color, the name is made up of "Gol" ("Goru" in Japanese pronounciation) and "-ganosu" as a connection to Lavasioth.

Game Appearances

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
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General Notes

  • If Goruganosu is paralysed, put to sleep, or even near death Aruganosu will burrow up beneath it and launch it into the air, breaking it free of the status' effect or "reviving and healing" it, and vice versa.
    • Hunters need to get them both near death at close to the same time to finish them off.
  • Goruganosu and Aruganosu started out as Supremacy versions of Lavasioth before going on to receive their own identities.

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