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Great Apypos is a Bird Wyvern introduced in Monster Hunter Explore.


Great Apypos bares a huge resemblance to Great Wroggi but shares features with the lesser Apypos. It also has a large yellow patch on its back, a yellow tip at the tail, a glowing blue throat sac, larger ears, and a small curved protrusion on the lower jaw, representing a pharaoh's "beard".


Much like the lesser Apypos, it has a throat sac that stores mud of which it can upchuck at opposition. And much like G-Rank Great Wroggi, it also has an extra breath attack, but replaces the more concentrated poison cloud with a larger mud shot.


Great Apypos acts as the pack leader of the Apypos and is aggressive to anyone that intrudes its territory.


Great Apypos, along with its underlings, mainly inhabit deserts, but can also be found wandering in the Battlequarters.

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