The Great Arena is a wide arena of the mini-arena. Often played as a host for Training quests, the downloadable quests like "The Hot, Dark Wind", "Anger of Heaven & Earth" & other few downloadable quests also pits them into mostly paired-up monster duo. This area is famous as a hunting ground for Rajang which makes "The Final Invitation" & "Golden Thunder God" very popular among gunners & blademasters alike because of the wider space available.

In this area, you face off against specific monsters that have been captured and brought back to full health for fights. Usually, these quests are for the training of new hunters or the entertainment of a sponsor, one of the most notorious being the scarlet mystery man.

  • Great Arena Map (MHF1)
  • Great Arena Map (MHFO)
  • Great Arena Map (MHFU)


  • After entering the arena, next to the wall on the left, you can find a small plant from which you can gather up to 3 mega potions.
  • After entering the arena you can see a small ledge on the wall on the other side of the arena which you can climb up on to, a good place to arch from with a bowgun as long as you have a shield and can be a good place to sharpen your sword, due to the ledge not being high enough to protect the hunter from the charge attacks of a wyvern. Also the ledge is occupied by three boulders which a charging Tigrex or Diablos can get their fangs or horns stuck into.
  • After entering the arena, go to the right side and there are 2 gathering points. In training missions you can get Shock Traps from the gathering spot near to the ledge, and from the other side you can get whetstones, but in normal missions (also in the downloadable ones) this is inverted.
  • This place is also used in PVP battle in Monster Hunter Frontier.
  • In PVP battle from Monster Hunter Frontier, the secret hole in the middle of the arena is used by hunters to activate a single-spiked underground dragonator to harm the other player's monster.
  • This area is aesthetically different in Monster Hunter Freedom, having different textures but the same overall shape.


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Music Themes

MHF-G 死闘の円形闘技場(コロセウム) 闘技場 戦闘BGM Extended

MHF-G 死闘の円形闘技場(コロセウム) 闘技場 戦闘BGM Extended

MHFU/MHF-G8: Great Arena Music Theme